Fortnite Victory Crown Explained

In Chapter 3, Season 3, Fortnite rewards the best of all players with the Victory Crown! We'll explain what the Victory Crown is and how to get it.

Victory crown fortnite
The Victory Crown is a sign of your glory! | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 3, not only did a completely new map come into the game, but also many new functions and features. Among them, the victory crown! The crown shines brightly as a sign of your glory, making you easy to notice those who want to grab a victory crown themselves.

If you're wondering what a Victory Crown exactly does or how to get one, stay tuned. Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite's new golden crown.

What Is The Victory Crown?

Fortnite siegeskrone
Fit for a king? | © Epic Games

The Victory Crown is a item in Fortnite that only the best players in a round receive. As the name suggests, it's a crown that you can drop and collect. Of course, our favorite mascot, the Llama, adorns the top. In the match, you also get extra XP as long as you wear the crown.

How Do You Get The Victory Crown?

The Victory Crown has a somewhat misleading name, as you don't necessarily have to get a victory to get the crown. To get this royal reward, all you have to do is get one of the top ranks in a match. Once you've done that, you'll wear the crown in your next match. But you have to be careful, because it also carries a risk, as other players will quickly recognize you by the shine of the crown. To throw the current king from his throne is a pretty tempting prospect.

The victory crowns are available in the main game modes Solo, Duo, Trio and Team. And this is how you can earn the crowns:

  • Solo: the best four players
  • Duo: the players in the two best duos
  • Trio: the players in the best trio
  • Team: the players in the best team

How To Get The Exclusive Victory Crown Emote

Victory royale emote chapter 3
Emote like a true king. | © Epic Games

If you're good enough to get an Epic Victory with the Victory Crown, you will get the following cosmetics:

  • Victory Glider
  • Victory Royale Screen
  • Crowning Achievement Emote

The emote shows the number of Fortnite Victory Royales you've been able to collect over the course of the season! That is a win while wearing the crown.

Victory crown victory royale screen
For the best players, there is of course a Royal Victory Royale. | © Epic Games

The number on the emote updates every time you get another win while wearing the victory crown. The perfect way to show off to your friends and prove to them who is the best in the lobby before a match begins.

Also, players who enter a match wearing a Victory Crown will have their name displayed in gold on the interface. If you see one of these golden names getting a lot of kills, you might want to watch out for them. Of course, if you think you're the better player, you can hunt him down and claim the Victory Crown for yourself.

Now you should know everything about the Victory Crown, so what are you waiting for? Grab it and show everyone in your lobby who is the best! Check out these two updates on Fortnite NPCs: