Where to Find the Recon Scanner in Fortnite Season 8

Späh Scanner Fortnite Season 8
The Recon Scanner on the Season 8 map | © Epic Games

You probably remember the Recon Scanner that appeared in Fortnite with Season 7. Surprise! It is still on the Season 8 map, and a quest from the NPC Wrath requires you to uncover two enemies with a Recon Scanner. We'll show you where to find the scout scanner in Fortnite Season 8.

In the new season of Fortnite, the familiar punch cards have been reintroduced. Each punch card is assigned to a specific NPC who starts a quest line for you. Today, Wrath came to the island, and he also has some quests for you.

To start the quest series, you need to talk to him and start the Escaped Dweller quest series. Wrath is located in Stealthy Stronghold, which is north of Pleasant Park, northeast of Coral Castle, and west of Craggy Cliffs. He will be inside the walls. He will require you to find a Recon Scanner and then use it to uncover two enemies.

Where to Find a Recon Scanner in Fortnite Season 8

The Recon Scanner was an IO weapon that debuted in Chapter 2, Season 7. The IO invented all kinds of weapons to fight the aliens and even the Pulse Rifle is still kicking around if you know where to look! After the battle ended, these weapons were removed from the game. However, some are still available in the game, but only in a few places. The Recon Scanners, like all other IO weapons, cannot be found in normal chests or as ground loot. They can only be acquired in IO chests, which are mainly found in IO bases. You can find these IO chests in the following locations:

Io truhen fortnite season 8
All IO chests in Fortnite Season 8. | © Epic Games
  • On the roof of the IO house in Corny Crops
  • In an IO base to the north of Dirty Docks
  • In the southwest of Pleasant Park
  • Directly in the middle between Lazy Lake and Corny Crops
  • In the southwest and southeast of Misty Meadows
  • To the south of Holly Hedges
  • In the jungle station in Stealthy Stronghold
  • At the domino base
  • At the hill station to the northwest of Believer Beach

These locations are not a guarantee of a have a Recon Scanner, but they are the only chance for you to find one. Once you find a Recon Scanner, you need to scan two enemies with it to complete the first part of the Escaped Dweller challenges. Pretty easy, right?

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