FURIA Head Coach Guerri Accused of Cheating

FURIA Head Coach guerri
FURIA's head coach guerri is yet another name dragged into the spectator bug controversy. (Image credit: StarLadder)

The current spectator bug scandal in the CS:GO scene goes into the next round. After Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen, Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia and Aleksandr "zoneR" Bogatiryev, FURIA head coach Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira was accused of using the spectator bug as well.

The current head coach drama in CS:GO goes on. After coaches HUNDEN (Heroic), dead (Made in Brazil) and zoneR (Hard Legion) were banned for a long time at the beginning of the week, another coach is now under suspicion. We are talking about FURIA's guerri, who was convicted by the official ESL referee Michal Slowinski.

During an ECS Season 7 match against Complexity, guerri is said to have exploited the bug for the entire match. Organizer Faceit has already been informed, but has not yet made a statement about the possibility and length of a ban.

Does Guerri Get Off with a Black Eye?

Slowinski says that guerri has exploited the bug twice during ECS Season 7 last year. First vs. Luminosity and then vs. Complexity. The curious part is that the map on which guerri allegedly cheated vs. CoL, FURIA lost 16-9, which draws the question how much and if the coach actually abused the system.

If and for how long guerri could be suspended remains to be seen. The Esports Integrity Commission is investigating the present cases but guerri does seem to have a better chance at escaping a harsh suspension.

MIBR's Dead Banned From Cs_summit

MIBR coach dead, on the other hand, can't catch a break. He's been accused of having used the spectator bug in a lower bracket game at the cs_summit 6 regional qualifier against Triumph. Organizer Beyond the Summit imposed a ban on dead for two of their own tournaments, while MIBR were disqualified retroactively and stripped of their prize money. This adds to dead's suspensions by ESL and DreamHack that he already received, amounting to 6 calendar months.

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