Leak: Bloodborne Remaster & Bloodborne 2 for PS5 in Development

Leaks suggest that we will finally be getting the Bloodborne remaster we've been waiting for. What's more, a Bloodborne sequel might be in the works as well.
Bloodborne Remaster Bloodborne 2 PS5 leak
Screw the beach. Take me back to Yharnam. | © Bloodborne

Stop the press. It's happening. The remaster to end all remasters has now officially accumulated enough trustworthy leaks, that I'll say this: Yes, a Bloodborne remaster is happening, and I'm sold, but what I didn't see coming was a Bloodborne sequel being in development alongside with the remaster. I guess Christmas came early this year.


Well folks, everything you can read below is still on, relevant, and not outdated, but one of the leakers we mention, just gave us reason to update this: Millie A winked at another leaker's Bloodborne tweet. Confirmation that Bloodborne is 100% coming? Well... it's as much confirmation as we've ever gotten, I'll tell you that.

Read on for more context below:

Bloodborne Remaster & Bloodborne 2 in Development for PS5

If you're reading us regularly, you might remember us writing about how Sony acquired Bluepoint, and that the latter is now working on a "remake of a beloved PlayStation franchise", as well as a brand-new Sony exclusive game. Originally, we were quick to assume that said remake could be Bloodborne. Of course, we were only speculating then. Now, well... now, we've got this tweet:

Who's Colin Moriarty, and why should you listen to him? Well, the man knew about Demon's Souls being in development at Bluepoint, way before anybody else. Also, he knew about the recently announced Wolverine game at Insomniac, and his tweet is backed by Millie A, who, as we mentioned above, claims that Bluepoint is planning to remaster a beloved Sony franchise:

What's more beloved than Bloodborne? Exactly. As for the Bloodborne 2 thing: Moriarty followed up his initial tweet on his Discord, where he provided more detail, claiming that a Bloodborne remaster for the PS5 is happening first, which would then be followed by a Bloodborne sequel. Of course, Moriarity recommends the standard pinch of salt with all this, but it should be noted that he was tipped off to this from the same source that told him about Insomniac's Wolverine game. We all know how the latter turned out, so there's your credibility. Moriarty promised to follow this leak up with his source at Bluepoint, so I guess we can expect to hear more on this soon.

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