Counter Strike Source 2 Release Closer Than We Thought - Valve Registers Trademark

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its release on the Source 2 engine, a topic that has undoubtedly been keeping the entire gaming community in suspense for the past few days. Especially since the thing that all gamers are waiting for seems closer to realization than we thought.

Csgo source 2 trademark
Rush B! CS:GO 2 seems very close. | © Valve

Another bit of speculation has emerged among the CS:GO community, suggesting that those who are looking forward to the coveted update every day are right, as the update may indeed be released any day now. So when will the release be? Here are the days when we can expect CS:GO 2 to come out with the new Source 2 engine.

CS:GO 2 Coming Soon

Counter Strike Source 2 is coming soon. This was suggested by a data miner hiding under the nickname "Aquarius", who pointed to the Counter-Strike update as a so-called "developer pre-release," a version of the game in which any new content or features are tested.

The constant changes to the DPR would suggest that the game is now in testing at this point, before officially releasing its beta version to players on the steam platform.

We also have another clue suggesting the arrival of CS:GO 2 soon. The near release also seems to be confirmed by the trademark registration by Valve itself. The company recently filed two trademarks for what is simply referred to as "CS2". We're sure that the this is already one of the final steps before the release of CS:GO on the Source 2 engine.

When Can We Expect CS:GO 2?

According to statistics, updates for CS:GO come out most often on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Chances are that there are only a few hours, or maybe days, left before the release.

Here are our suggestions:

  • 22 March
  • 23 March
  • 29 March
  • 30 March

Mainly due to the size of the files, it can be assumed that it will take a little longer. However, it is possible that the big update will appear on a day of the week other than Wednesday or Thursday, because as CS:GO fans know, Valve is very unpredictable.

It is impossible to describe our excitement at the moment! We can already anticipate what will be happening withValve's servers:

Stay tuned! We will keep you updated!

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