Diablo 4: Blizzard Removes Highly Popular Item Type

One key element will be missing from Diablo IV, when it launches. This will drastically change gameplay strategies from the previous games.

Diablo 4 Release Date
It would be sad not to see some sets in Diablo IV's style | © Blizzard

After many years Diablo is returning with the franchise's fourth installment. And right from the start, information on the game made it quite clear that it would deviate from the traditions of its predecessors. Put bluntly, Blizzard is going to set a new standard for the modern open-world concept, and that's not the only big change they're making.

No Set Items At The Game's Launch

Let that sink in for a bit. I can hear the screams of longtime Diablo fans at this news. My condolences, but Set items will indeed not be part of Diablo IV, when it launches in June.

That doesn't mean, they are gone forever. While we will not see the green text flare up at the beginning, Set items should make an appearance during the game's lifetime.

Diablo IV's game director Joe Shely explained in an interview, that we will get our special green items later. Because they want to get them just right, the dev team needs more time. So they just won't be ready for the game's launch.

Hopefully this means, when we finally get the items, balancing won't be too large of an issue. Although Set items will be sorely missed during the launch of Diablo IV, maybe this will give other items a chance to shine.

A different Online-Multiplayer got a new patch, making one play style a lot easier:

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