Diablo 4: DLC To Follow Destiny 2 Model

In an interview with the Diablo 4 general manager, new information was revealed about the future of the game, concerning its upcoming expansions and how long the game will be supported.

Diablo 4 demon lady header
Future expansions of Diablo 4 will be like Destiny 2 │ ©Blizzard

Diablo 4 was the first treat that we got this summer season, and now that most players have played through the game already, the question of DLCs and more content have come up. Blizzard has officially broken the silence on this topic.

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Diablo 4: DLC To Follow Destiny 2 Model

In an interview with Dexerto, Diablo 4's general manager Rod Fergusson revealed new information on the future of the game. He explains that Blizzard wants to implement an annual expansion system to the game, just like they did with Destiny 2. The launch of Diablo 4 left the player base craved for more gameplay and story.

When asked how long they want to support the game and keep this seasonal thing going, he said:

We’ve got plans, we have storylines that go well into the future. We’ve got plans. We’re always leapfrogging our seasons, and leapfrogging our expansions, so it’s something we are going to do for a long time. We’re excited.

When you look back and realise that there were 11 years between D3 and D4, that feels like we didn’t live up to our players, our community, and what they deserve. That’s something we are rectifying in D4 with our seasons and our expansions.

Blizzard revealed that the first big expansion of this type will probably be here around summer of next year.

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