Far Cry 6 Teases A Battle Royale Mode...

Far Cry 6 has not been well received, but could a Battle Royale change that? Well, either way, it looks like it might be coming...
Far Cry 6 Battle Royale
This could work very well in the game's environment. | © Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 has not been off to a flying start. The last game already felt like it was launching the franchise into terminal decline, and the new game has done little to dissuade us from that view. But, say what you will about the game being a little flimsy, and the gameplay uninspired, the location of the game is to be applauded.

Central and Southern America can provide wonderfully vibrant environments, and yet we get so few games there - with the notable exception of the recent Ghost Recon Wildlands. So maybe on the strength of this location alone, a Battle Royale can be justified.

Far Cry 6's Battle Royale

First noticed by YouTuber JorRaptor, different QR codes in Far Cry 6 can be scanned with your actual phone to reveal hidden easter eggs. A lot of these are the usual assortment of concept art and such, but one of them is a little different.

In one of the crates in Far Cry 6, you can find a QR code that when scanned will show you a video of some kind of in-game map. But not a location on the current Far Cry 6 map. And on this map there are strange symbols that seem to denote hunting spots:

Far cry 6 map
Here it is, what do you think? | © Ubisoft

The thing is Far Cry has only ever supported max 2 players, and yet there are three red arrows here. Later in the video, you can see those red arrows become skulls on the same map, obviously suggesting the players have died.

JorRaptor suggests it's a hint towards a survival BR experience, and we think he's hit the nail on the head here. Are we mad?

Are you a Battle Royale fan? You're in good company:

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