Genshin Impact Voice Actor Elliot Gindi Opens Up About Sexual Harassment Accusations

The Genshin Impact voice actor Elliot Gindi, who plays the role of Tighnari, has been accused of sexually harassing fans, including minors. Now, he has published an apology for his behavior.

Genshin impact Tighnari
Genshin Impact voice actor Elliot Gindi apologizes for sexual harassment accusations | © HoYoVerse

Content warning: This article includes references to sexual harassment, abuse and suicide.

All hell is breaking loose in the Genshin Impact fan community at the moment. A well-known voice actor, Elliot Gindi, who plays the role of Tighnari, has been accused of terrible acts involving the sexual harassment of fans, including minors. He has now published an apology. Here is what happened.

Genshin Impact Voice Actor Accused Of Sexually Harassing Fans

The voice actor Elliot Gindi, who is most known for the role of Tighnari from Genshin Impact, has been accused of sexually harassing and grooming his fans.

Apparently, Gindi has been in contact with some of his fans through Instagram and Discord chats, where he has had several inappropriate and sexual conversations not only with fans, but with minors as well.

One of his Discord mods has taken action against his deeds, by sharing a whole Google Doc where all the screenshots from his conversations are being shared publicly. These screenshots contain chats, where he has been sending inappropriate sex messages to a fan, asking for nudes and even threatening suicide, if they ever spoke out about it publicly.

The document with the evidence pictures is publicly available for everyone, but we would like to issue a warning because the content of the conversations is very explicit and could be triggering for some people.

Fortunately, the victims did not hold back and turned to help. Now that his actions are known to the public, the consequences of his actions are just starting to form. Many of the other Genshin voice actors have been sharing their position and sorrow for all the victims.

It is particularly frightening how dangerous the great difference in power between a celebrity and a fan can be if that power is being abused.

Elliot Gindi has now published an apology for his behavior, confirming that the screenshots are real and admitting that he threatened his fans with suicide. However, he denies ever having sexual relations with minors, stating that he flatly rejected them.

Whether these statements of his apology are to be trusted is unsure. He has now disappeared from Social Media and out of the public eye.

The legal consequences of his actions are still unclear, but on February 16 Hoyoverse made an announcement on Twitter, confirming that they fired Gindi.

This means, that they cut all ties with Gindi and will recast the voice actor for Tighnari.