Let's Talk About Fat Thor in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok just got its first gameplay reveal at the PlayStation Showcase and revealed one of the game's antagonists: Fat Thor. Needless to say, their depiction of the Norse god caused a huge stir.

So, listen: Yes, Thor in God of War Ragnarok is fat, and you know what? That's great, because the real mythological Thor is also fat. Also, the real mythological Thor is red-haired, unlike the blonde Thor we're used to, but... no one really cares about that. All that the internet is focused on is the fact that the God of War Ragnarok Thor is fat.

Ryan Hurst's God of War Ragnarok Thor

The trailer didn't do much to really show off Thor, so here's a tweet that will allow you to marvel at Thor in all his chunky glory:

Now, obviously, this is unexpected, especially considering that the Thor the world's been accustomed to over the past decade was blonde, blue-eyed and rocks a six-pack. Well... except for Endgame-Thor, but that caused a sh*t-storm in its own right. Now, you might be upset (which is silly) or wondering 'why did Santa Monica Studios design Thor like that,' and, well... the answer is simple:

Is Thor Fat in Norse Mythology?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the actual mythological Thor is very overweight: He is a glutton, a heavy drinker and all he has on his mind are those things, along with sex and fighting. So if you ever wondered 'what does Thor look like in Norse mythology,' just scroll on up and look at that tweet again. There's your answer. From that perspective, Santa Monica is actually delivering the first authentic Thor in video-game history

What is the Story of Thor in God of War: Ragnarok?

That we don't know yet. We only that you will fight him, and he seems to occupy an antagonistic role, but that's obviously just footage from a trailer. For all we know, Thor could end becoming Kratos' best friend or lover. Imagine that. A gay, fat Thor. People would go nuts.

If we're really lucky, fat Thor ends up being a playable character, and you can stunt on fools with Mjölnir. I like it.

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