GTA 6 Leak: Police Behavior Overhaul Revealed

An insider has some... well, inside-scoop on how the police AI will behave in GTA 6, and, of course, we got the details for you.
Gta 6 police
Shoot first. There. Realism achieved. | © Rockstar

So, GTA 6 is coming. Right? Right? I mean, I'm seriously asking you, because at this point, I feel like Rockstar is just playing with our feelings. Do we cover every little thing there is to cover on GTA 6? Yes, absolutely. Case in point, this article on the GTA 6 release date.

But outside of that, it's all rumors and leaks, with this one being no different. But... let's be honest here for a second: The leaking and speculating is half the fun anyway.

Redditor Has Inside Scoop on GTA 6 Police Behavior

On Reddit, A_Guy_Named_Matthew (really, that's his name), came up with an extensive and elaborate way of how police should behave in the upcoming GTA game, and I'm not one to keep a secret for long, so here you go:

How I'd like to see the police system be done. from GTA6

Told you it's extensive. Matthew really went all in on this one, and I, for one, love him for it. Every change he outlines is just, yes, yes, yes. Honestly, the police system in GTA has been clunky for a minute and not too much has evolved over the years. To be fair, open-world games in general struggle with police behavior, and it's about time we get an overhaul. So if Rockstar leads the way, hopefully others will follow. Actually... now that I said that, other open-world games still haven't caught up to Red Dead Redemption 2, so... scratch that.

Now, if you're thinking that this is all speculation and just leaker BS, and that I click baited you with the headline... hold your horses. A while back, Rockstar confirmed that substantial AI behavior changes are making their way into their upcoming games. It only makes sense that, with police being such a major part of the game, their AI would be adjusted and improved as much as anyone's.

Well... only time will tell, but, hey, if GTA 6 doesn't turn out the way we're hoping, there's always Everywhere - and if you don't know what that is, you owe it to yourself to find out.