The GTA 5 Upgrade Will Delay GTA 6 Release Date

Gta 6 release date delay gta 5
We want GTA 6, not another version of GTA 5... | © Rockstar

GTA 5 is getting an upgrade for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which was supposed to be released on November 11. Now, the GTA 5 update was delayed, which spells bad news for the release date of GTA 6.

GTA 5 has been around for as long as the iPhone 5. We're now on the iPhone 13 and just had the iPhone 14 leaked, and we still don't have any real news on GTA 6. Instead, Rockstar is upgrading GTA 5 yet again, to make sure it stays relevant until the iPhone 20. This upgrade was supposed to be released on November 11, but now... it will be pushed back.

GTA 5 Upgrade Delayed to March 2022

March 2022 is the new release date for the GTA 5 upgrade. Scratch that – it's the new release month. Yup, we're not even getting an exact date anymore. It's not surprising that Rockstar has to delay GTA 5, since we know they're working on the GTA Trilogy Remaster, which is effectively 3 massive games, but, still... it sucks. Not even because we're itching to get our hands on GTA 5 again, no. It sucks, because it means GTA 6 is further away than we thought.

It was always clear that GTA 6 was a ways away, when Rockstar announced they're bringing GTA 5 into another generation. Why spend so much money, when you're just about to release a new game. It'd be bad business for Rockstar. Still, hope loomed that GTA 6 would release in 2023, but now we can definitely kiss that idea goodbye.

A GTA Trilogy in 2021, GTA 5 in 2022 and GTA 6 in 2023? No, not in this timeline. Not with a hundred Infinity Stones. Adding the fact that GTA Online is also getting an overhaul, and it's more likely that we will see GTA 6 in 2025... maybe even in 2026. Why? Because Rockstar would be releasing the game towards the end of the PS5 cycle and can then remake it for the PS6 and the PS7. Just like they did with GTA 5. Good for business, annoying for us.

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