Leak: GTA 6 Will Have VR & Will Be Revealed in GTA Online Events

GTA 6 reveal vr
Yeah, this is definitely fan-made GTA 6 cover art and nothing official, but I still want this in VR. (Credit: Geeky Craze)

GTA 6 is slowly but surely nearing a reveal and, according to another GTA 6 leak, that reveal will happen within GTA Online and the game will come with VR. Yup.

Another week, another GTA 6 leak, though this is actually leak number 2 this week, so forget what I said and catch up on the leak you missed:

There. Now that that's opened in a new tab, let's look at what's going on over on Reddit regarding this little hot piece of news here, going by the following headline:

GTA 6 Will Be Revealed in GTA Online Events

Sounds familiar? Of course, it does. Warzone is doing it. Fortnite is doing it. At this point, you're kind of the odd one out if you don't have an online game to reveal your single-player game in. Here's the original Reddit post that cites the original 4chan post that originated this rumor:

Potential GTA5 E&E leak on 4chan from 5 days ago. from GTA6

Let's unpack:

  • The GTA 5 enhanced edition (E&E) will run on the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine
  • GTA Online will get 4 big updates that will reveal the GTA 6 Marketing campaign
  • GTA 6 will have VR

I feel like these become progressively less exciting as you go through the list, right? Rage engine for GTA 5 E&E? Yeah, I'll take it. GTA 6 Reveal in GTA Online? As long as there is a reveal, I don't really care where. GTA 6 getting VR, though?

I mean... GTA 6 getting VR?

I mean: VR in GTA VI?

That one's got me so hyped that I switched to numerals, and it also means I'll need a VR set. Unless, of course, the leak is wrong. We shall see. Eventually.

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