Half Life 3: Gamescom 2023 App Leaks New Announcement From Valve

Half-Life rumors are always exciting but usually nonsense. However, in this case we're dealing with a far more official source: Gamescom 2023's official companion app.

Half Life 3 Gamescom 2023
Half-Life 3 might be announced during Gamescom 2023. | © Valve / Gamescome

Thanks to the recent death of E3, Gamescom is now the biggest video game convention in the world. It's a massive event hosted in Germany each year (you can even meet EarlyGame journalists there), and this year they've released a companion app for the event.

However, it seems that organizers of Gamescom 2023 didn't check their app thoroughly enough before releasing it to the public, because it has given away potentially one of the biggest announcements planned for the event. And we're talking Half-Life big.

Gamescom 2023 Companion App Reveals "Half-Life" Announcement

The first publicly released version of the official Gamescom 2023 companion app included a section that allowed users to see all upcoming event titles, and one user found an event called "Half-Life". They also found Valve, the publishers behind Half-Life, listed as one of the partners of the event.

Here are screenshots of that version of the app and the "Half-Life"event page, courtesy of u/ItzDarko42:

Half Life Revealed
The Half-Life announcement page was easy to find on the app. | © u/ItzDarko42

Now, this could be an announcement for Half-Life 3, that's certainly what fans want, but neither Gamescom nor Valve have given an official statement regarding this accidental reveal to the public.

We will update you if they do release an official statement. Otherwise, we will simply need to wait until Gamescom 2023 to see for ourselves what the "Half-Life" announcement concerns.

Would you be excited for Half-Life 3?

We've strayed so far from God, maybe we don't even deserve Half-Life 3...

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