Halo Infinite: How To Fix Challenges Not Tracking & Working Error

Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta is an absolute blast, but it hasn't come without a few issues. Principal among these, is a problem wherein Halo Infinite Challenges are not tracking or working.

halo infinite challenges not working
Are your challenges not tracking or working in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is an absolute blast from what we've played so far, but that doesn't mean that the Multiplayer isn't without a few issues here and there. Principal among them, though, are ongoing problems with the game's Weekly Challenges. In many cases, these Weekly Challenges are not tracking, and thus not working at all.

This can be intensely frustrating for players, of course, who keep needing to repeat challenges to get them to register within the game. Now, it's a bit of a complicated problem, but that doesn't mean that we're going to leave you stranded. We've actually got quite a good solution for this issue, so keep reading to find out exactly how you can make Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges track and work again.

Fixing Halo Infinite Challenges Not Tracking

Following are a selection of tips and tricks to help you get Weekly Challenges working again in Halo Infinite. If these fixes do not work out, and we fail at our noble goal, then try not to worry too much. We're pretty sure that they'll resolve this issue as quickly as possible!

Restart Halo Infinite From Scratch

No matter the system on which you are playing Halo Infinite, the first thing you must always do in these kinds of situations is perform a system-wide reboot. This means not only shutting down Halo Infinite itself, but fully rebooting your Xbox, your PC, or your Game Pass-favourite device. Don't put it to sleep mode, don't simply reboot the game, restart your system from scratch.

Check for Halo Infinite Updates

It is unlikely that this is the problem, as the game likely won't let you play multiplayer with an out-of-date game, but it is always worth checking for updates. There could possibly be a problem caused by different versions of the game clashing when using Halo Infinite's online features. In addition, if none of our options help, keep repeating this step, as 343 Industries will likely release an update in regard to this issue soon.

Swap a Halo Infinite Challenge Item

Reports suggest that simply swapping one of your challenge items can actually resolve the problem and cause Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges to resume tracking as they are intended to. Now, this is yet again not a set-solution, but has helped multiple people resume Challenge Tracking and make the whole system work again.

Reinstall Halo Infinite

This is your absolute last-resort option, but reinstalling Halo Infinite is likely to help fix the Challenges Not Tracking bug. On multiple occasions, this has effectively fixed the issue for people, which is odd, considering that challenges are linked to your Microsoft Account, which has nothing to do with the actual installation files. Oh well, if it works, it works, right?

Link Halo Waypoint to Your Xbox Account

Halo's Support Twitter Account is yet to address the issue with any kind of patch-related solution, but has suggested a workaround that currently seems to work, involving using Halo Waypoint to collect the missing rewards. It recommends that you go to Halo Waypoint's website, sign in with your Xbox account, and make sure that your Gamertag matches:

Shortly after this, your missing in-game rewards should be visible in your Redeem Code History and available in-game. To view your Redeem Code History:
1. Select your user icon
2. Select Redeem Code
3. Select History

This has worked for a number of people, especially if those people have not already linked the two accounts. That being said, we imagine that a patch may be incoming to help resolve this particular problem. It's a pain in the behind, after all, and all we want to do is leap into the game and enjoy some fantastic Halo Multiplayer Action. Don't worry, folks, it won't be long, we're sure!