Salary of Henry Cavill in Witcher Season 2

Henry Cavill's salary for Witcher Season 2 has more than doubled and he has become a top earner among series stars. All information about Geralt of Rivia's next adventure. Of course, no spoilers.

Henry Cavill Witcher Season 2 Money Income Payment
Geralt of Rivia is back. Henry Cavill is the Witcher on Netflix. | © CD Project Red/Henry Cavill via Instagram

Henry Cavill is back! Before you drop your sword, do not be afraid. Don't expect any spoilers for Witcher Season 2. The 2nd season of the Netflix series is on, and we can't wait to enjoy every episode.

I've only seen two episodes and can say: Toss your coins to the Witcher! It's just entertaining, you instantly want to play Witcher 3 again and ride through the spacious areas and different landscapes and experience one adventure after another. Each side quest is better than the previous... but I digress. Back to the series. It's awesome, I promise.

Henry Cavill's Salary for Witcher Season 2

After the little review, now to a new story. Netflix gives us 8 new episodes in season 2. Not only because of Henry Cavill, the series is a huge success and hyped for a reason.

It goes without saying that Superman, pardon, the successful actor will be rewarded like a king. Because of Corona, Netflix is ​​making more money than ever. Cavill's salary was doubled for the Witcher sequel.

What Is Henry Cavill's Witcher Salary?

A list from claims he got $ 400k per episode for season 1. In the Hollywood Reporter's big interview with Henry Cavill, sources are cited who claim he is now getting $ 1 million per episode. So, Henry Cavill earns a total of around $ 8 million with The Witcher Season 2.

That's a... nice increase. With one million per episode, Cavill joins a top line-up of stars. He can keep up with the stars of Friends, Big Bang Theory, and the cast of Game of Thrones. The difference: Witcher is now in season 2. Some of the other series ran for years before the main actors were paid so well.

After the few episodes I've seen, I can already tell you: watch The Witcher. And if you are one of the mad souls out there. who have not yet played The Witcher: Do this during your holiday. Epic trip, I promise. Or read the books. Hahaha joke.