Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator Revealed

The character creator of Hogwarts Legacy was revealed and we got a good look at some exciting features.

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The Hogwarts Legacy was shown at a presentation. | © WB Games

We're all very excited about Hogwarts Legacy, and we're probably most jazzed about making our own little wizard kid. Everyone was wondering what that would look like, but now we finally got our first look at it. The Hogwarts Legacy character creator was shown at a tech talk at the Autodesk Vision Series. And it looks pretty cool.

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Hogwarts Legacy Lets You Make Your Own Wizard

We already knew that Hogwarts Legacy would feature a character creator, now we have seen it in action for the first time. You will be able to fine-tune the look of your wizard in familiar categories, like the shape of their face, hairstyles, skin color or different clothing options. It looks very detailed and intuitive, as well as beautifully designed. However, not everything about the creator has been shown just yet. So maybe they even have some surprises up their long wizard-robe sleeves.

You can check out the video from the presentation here. The part about the character creator starts at around 38:20. Also shoutout to r/HarryPotterGame, where avid fans have collected all the info from the talk, even beyond the character creator.

Check out this video where we sum up everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy: