Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List

One way to strengthen your favorite characters in Honkai Star Rail are Light Cones! It actually can be quite crucial to choose the right weapon for your team and will sometimes even make the difference between victory and loss. This tier list will help you to figure out which Light Cone is worth investing in!

Honkai Star Rail Jin Yuan and Yanqing
Our Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone tier list will guide you through the best weapons. | © HoYoverse

Since there are so many Light Cones to choose from, it is not always easy to take them all in consideration when equipping your characters. The following tier list will help you in getting an overview over the existing weapons and which one you should definitely invest in!

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The list is divided into the seven paths in order to be more manageable and clear to read. So if you are just interested in one path, you can skip the other her ones, even though you should always have several paths in your team constellation!

Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone Tier List Guide

In Honkai Star Rail, Light Cones are a type of equipment which are very similar to weapons in other gatcha games. In total, there are 68 available Light Cones right now. A fitting Light Cone is an absolute necessity to make your build as perfect as possible to be able to clear the end game content.

Light cone tier list 2
In Honkai: Star Rail each Light Cone is designated to a certain path. | © HoYoverse

Each Path has its own Light Cones, which are divided in three rarities (3-Star / 4-Star / 5-Star), just like characters are. You can obtain Light Cones either through completing quests and get them as rewards or by pulling them from a banner in the gatcha system.

You will get way more Light Cones than you will ever need to equip all of your characters and some of them are rather bad compared to even lower rarity ones.

Let's take a look at the first few Light Cones, shall we?

Destruction Light Cone Tier List

In total, there are ten Light Cones in the path of Destruction.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • Something Irreplaceable
  • A Secret Vow
  • The Moles Welcome You
  • Woof! Walk Time!
  • Collapsing Sky (3★)
  • Under the Blue Sky
  • Nowhere to Run
  • On the Fall of an Aeon
  • Shattered Home (3★)
  • Mutual Demise (3★)

Something Irreplaceable is by far the best Destruction Light Cone at the moment. It is completely broken if you use it on Clara, however, every other Destruction character can make good use of its stats and effect. Consider yourself lucky if you were able to get it!

The Hunt Light Cone Tier List

At the moment, there are eleven The Hunt Light Cones.

Ranking 3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • In the Night
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  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea
  • Sleep Like the Dead
  • Only Silence Remains
  • Swordplay
  • Return to Darkness
  • River Flows in Spring
  • Darting Arrow (3★)
  • Arrows (3★)
  • Adversarial (3★)

In the Night is the most interesting The Hunt Light Cone. Its synergy with Seele is one of the best in the game. On every other character, however, In the Night performs as good as the other 5-Stars in the S-Tier.

Erudition Light Cone Tier List

There are ten Light Cones for the Erudition path at the moment.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • Before Dawn
  • Today Is Another Peaceful Day
  • Make the World Clamor
  • The Birth of the Self
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast
  • Night on the Milky Way
  • Geniuses Repose
  • Passkey (3★)
  • Data Bank (3★)
  • Sagacity (3★)

Before Dawn actually deserves its own category named “super broken”. Get this weapon if you have some spare Stellar Jades and use it on every Erudition character you want to play. Before Dawn provides every stat a character could ever ask for.

Harmony Light Cone Tier List

Right now there are nine Harmony Light Cones in the Game.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • But the Battle Isn't Over
  • Dance! Dance! Dance!
  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
  • Memories of the Past
  • Planetary Rendezvous
  • Past and Future
  • Chorus (3★)
  • Meshing Cogs (3★)
  • Meditation (3★)

But the Battle Isn't Over is probably still the best Light Cones for supportive characters like Bronya. However, every 4-Star Light Cone is excellent as well in the Harmony category, just be careful with Planetary Rendezvous's passive effect.

Nihility Light Cone Tier List

There are nine Nihility Light Cones at the moment.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat
  • In the Name of the World
  • Fermata
  • Eyes of the Prey
  • Void (3★)
  • We Will Meet Again
  • Good Night and Sleep well
  • Loop (3★)
  • Hidden Shadow (3★)

Good news: They are all work quite well and are very useable! Even Void as a 3-Star weapon is a common choice for Welt!

Preservation Light Cone Tier List

There are ten Light Cones for the Preservation path right now.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • Day One of My New Life
  • Landau's Choice
  • Moment of Victory
  • We Are Wildfire
  • This Is Me!
  • Trend of the Universal Market
  • Defense (3★)
  • Texture of Memories
  • Amber (3★)
  • Pioneering (3★)

This may be controversial BUT Day One of My New Life is just the best overall Preservation Light Cone! If you have Moment of Victory, use it on Gepard, other than that, ALWAYS use Day One of My New Life if you happen to get it. And let's not talk about Texture of Memories

Abundance Light Cone Tier List

At the moment, there are nine Abundance Light Cones in the game.

Ranking3 & 4-Star Light Cones5-Star Light Cones
  • Time Waits for No One
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Perfect Timing
  • Shared Feelings
  • Post-Op Conversation
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights
  • Cornucopia (3★)
  • Fine Fruit (3★)
  • Multiplication (3★)

Quid Pro Quo and Perfect Timing are exceptional Light Cones for all your healers. Both offer different values to your team, so read the description and choose wisely.

Did you get a good overview? Then get into the game and equip your characters with the appropriate weapons, they will thank you for it.

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