How to Tame Wolves in Valheim

Valheim How to Tame Wolves
Just hanging out with the boys. (Credit: Valheim)

You can tame a wolf in Valheim and have him as a companion. How? Simple. We'll explain.

Yes, Valheim might not be as punishing as other survival games, but it's still not an easy game. The world is rough and if you're playing solo, you'll probably want help. More specifically, you'll want a wolf. Because - sadly - there are no cougars in the game, amirite?

Ok, sorry. Here's how to get your own wolf companion.

How to Tame Wolves in Valheim

Valheim How to Tame Wolves
You'll cry when he dies. Just saying... (Credit: Valheim)

Let's break this down into simple steps:

  • Go to the mountains
  • Build a pen with wooden stakewalls
  • Leave a gap
  • Construct a Platform on the inside of the stakewalls (use the wall floors) that you can jump to, but the wolf cant
  • Build stairs on the outside to get over the stakes and inside the pen
  • Make the wolf follow you inside the pen and close the gap from the ledge to lock it inside
  • Feed it raw meat

Once the wolf likes you, it'll follow you on your adventures. Yay. Wolf friend.

You can also tame other animals in Valheim, following more or less the same formula. A huge part of the fun in Valheim is figuring things out on your own, but if you'd like us to write a guide on other animals, let us know which on Facebook.

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