How Are Graphics Like This Even Possible?

Instinction is a new dinosaur-horror shooter coming our way, and it absolutely sets the standard for new levels of holy sh*t graphics.

Instinction game graphics
Lashes on fleek. | © Instinction

Alright, y'all. I need you to watch this trailer for Instinction. I don't care if you like dinosaurs or not. I don't care if you played Dino Crisis or Turok. I don't care if you like first-person shooters. I also don't care if you realize how cleverly I just told you everything you need to know about the game. What I care about is that Instinction is the first real Unreal Engine 5 game, that is actually happening and looks like what movies 20 years ago told us video games will look like now.

Don't believe me? Watch the trailer:

That feeling you're having? Yeah, that's your graphics erection rearing its superficial head. Instinction is all that, and, just like you'd expect, this goodness is coming to next-gen consoles and PCs only. 2022, folks, mark the year. And if you're ready for more mind-blowing: This trailer isn't even made on Unreal Engine 5 – it's Unreal Engine 4. Yup, the final game will look even better. Chew on that.

What Is Instinction?

Instinction will have you stuck on an island, in a semi open-world environment with various biomes. You're researching the remains of an extinct population, while battling against the dinosaurs that now inhabit the island. Throw in lots of guns and melee weapons, and you get the gist: Dino extinction en masse. Apparently, some twisted dinosaurs don't mind your genocidal ways, though, and will actually turn into allies. I love it.

Dinosaurs seem to be all the hype now: Jurassic Park Horror Game in Development by Alien Isolation Devs

Developer Hashbane Interactive definitely has an interesting one on their hands here, and it's also the first game they're developing. Yes, that's right, they're gunning for Rookie of the Year, and we can't wait to gun down some dinosaurs.