Elder Scrolls 6 Will NOT Be Xbox Exclusive – Everything We Know About Microsoft & Bethesda!

Bethesda Games will not be Xbox exclusives
Xbox + Bethesda does not mean that the two are exclusive. (Credit: Microsoft)

So everybody is wondering whether all Bethesda Games and Elder Scrolls 6 will now be exclusive to Xbox or not and now we finally have an answer. Also we have an entire overview on the Xbox & Bethesda showcase.

The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase is under way and here's what you need to know:

Will All Bethesda Games Become Xbox & Microsoft Exclusives?

No. Not all Bethesda Games will be Xbox exclusives. Phil Spencer answered this question directly, saying that not every game will be exclusive, due to contractual obligations. They will see franchises through for all systems. He didn't go into detail, but we assume that it means that all franchises that were started on every platform, will stay on every platform, meaning: Elder Scrolls 6 & the new Fallout will not be Xbox & Microsoft exclusives.

The Xbox & Bethesda deal will mostly be about upcoming IPs and bringing games to Xbox Game Pass. Now you're thinking: Will Starfield be an Xbox & Microsoft exclusive? Yes, it just might be – if what was just said by Phil Spencer is any indication, then Starfield might just be an Xbox exclusive. In addition to that, most existing Bethesda games will become available on Game Pass tomorrow, March 12.

Elder Scrolls 6 Bethesda Games will not be Xbox Exclusives
All of these games will be available on Game Pass from March 12. (Credit: Microsoft)

This means that all these Bethesda games can be streamed via Game Pass on any Xbox and any other device that supports streaming. Skyrim on your mobile phone? No problem.

So... folks, check your Game Pass on March 12 for all the 20 games that you can play on Xbox Game Pass.

Older Bethesda Games Will Get FPS Boost For Xbox

Older Bethesda Games Will Get FPS Booster on Xbox
WHAAAAAT? (Credit: Wallpaperflare)

Want to play older Bethesda games in 4K? You can... if you own an Xbox. Because that's literally the entire point of this Xbox and Bethesda partnership.

You have an Xbox? Yes? Good, keep on reading. No? Still keep on reading, we think you might want to buy an Xbox for this.

Right now, the video above is modded. However, what you see above has literally just been confirmed (maybe not to this extent, but you get the point).

Will Oblivion Get A Remaster?

Ish. Older Bethesda games have been confirmed to get FPS Boosters and Todd Howard has talked about Oblivion in specific, that people get to play Oblivion on Xbox in 4K. That means, Oblivion with an FPS Booster and in 4K on Xbox! How much more of a remaster could you want?!

Older Bethesda games will 100% get FPS Boosters though. Which games? We'll find out very, very soon, according to Bethesda themselves!

This article is due to be updated.

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