Leak: Bioshock 4 Release Date & Bioshock Remaster Revealed

Bioshock 4 release date
What's in store for us in Bioshock 4? | © 2K Games via Ruetir

Bioshock 4 has been given a release date in the recent NVIDIA leak. We also have hints at a Bioshock Remaster, which is big news. Let's take a look at the Bioshock 4 Release Date leak, and dive into the possibility of an original Bioshock Remaster. Let's a-go!

NVIDIA has acknowledged that the leak is somewhat, but not entirely, legit. A software developer has posted a long thread of information to Reddit, datamined from NVIDIA's GeForce Now Database. It included a whole lot of goodies, but principal among them was a potential release date for Bioshock 4, as well as the shock news that a remaster of the original Bioshock may well be on the way...

NVIDIA has issued a statement somewhat confirming the leak, but also adding the caveat that the list was "speculative". They said in the statement that "Inclusion on the list is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game."

What does this mean for the leak we are about to present you with, though? Well, it does not necessarily mean that the information included was false. In fact, it suggests quite the opposite. This might not be the newest information, nor the final release dates and announcements, but NVIDIA are thinking about these games, so there must be some legitimacy to their existence.

In the case of Bioshock 4's release date, these things are all subject to change, so the date could change. Regarding Bioshock Remastered, though, it seems unlikely that NVIDIA would be internally "tracking and testing" a game that doesn't exist. Right? That just wouldn't make sense...

A ton got revealed in the NVIDIA leak, not just the Bioshock 4 release date and Bioshock Remastered. Here are a few things to catch up on:

What is the Bioshock 4 Release Date?

Bioshock 4 will likely release in 2022, according to the NVIDIA leak, which called the game "Bioshock 2022". We know very little about the game, but it was announced officially in December 2019. Back when that announcement happened, 2K confirmed that the game would be in development "for the next several years".

We might know very little, but there are a couple things to note. The statement suggested that the game would come in a few years time, and we believe that this "few years" could be considered to have passed by 2022. That just makes sense! Keep in mind that Bioshock 4's release date could well be delayed (you know, there's that whole global pandemic thing to contend with), and that the leak could also be referring to the 2022 financial year, which would end in 2023.

Will there be a Bioshock Remastered?

Something called "Bioshock RTX Remaster" is mentioned, suggesting that a Bioshock Remastered Edition is on its way. It would make a lot of sense, especially with Bioshock 4 possibly coming in 2022. Yet again, this is all we know so far, but considering what NVIDIA said in their statement, there could very well be an inkling of truth here. In other words, you better get your body ready for some real Bioshock-action!

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