Ghost of Tsushima Meets Yakuza: Ishin Looks Dope

Like a Dragon: Ishin, is the next in line for the Yakuza series, and it is taking the franchise to uncharted territory.

Like a dragon ishin
Loving the aesthetics... | © SEGA

It seems like samurai games are all the hype now, or... at least katana-heavy games set in Feudal Japan. After Ghost of Tsushima took everybody by storm, Sekiro followed suit (or did Sekiro come before...?), then Assassin's Creed revealed Codename Red, which will be set in Feudal Japan, and of course there's Where Winds Meet, which takes us to ancient China. Slightly different, but it still fits the mold. Now, SEGA has revealed that their upcoming Yakuza Spinoff will follow the same katana-trend.

Yakuza Spinoff Ishin Trailer Reveal

If you ever played a Yakua game, you know what to expect: Ishin is literally Yakuza with swords. Everything we know from the franchise we love is here - a dramatic storyline, over the top humor, comedy... it's the same formula, and we don't have a problem with that. I mean... we get to slice bullets in two - what more do you want?

Outside of what we see in the trailer, not much is known about the game, but we do know that it will release for the PS4 and the PS5 in February 2023. All Samurai fans should be giddy at this announcement, but there is one thing that's noticeable: None of the games I mentioned above, nor Ishin - nor the other Ronin game that was announced - are even remotely realistic. I still want my successor to Way of the Samurai from back in the day, and while I'm getting all the katana action I could want... that realism seems to not be making a comeback anytime soon.