This Game is Diablo Meets Destiny... Meets The Division

Marauders is a looter shooter that takes cues from some of the genre's best. Here's what we know about the upcoming game.

Marauders is taking cues from some of the best looting games the genre has to offer: You have some Diablo influences, some Destiny vibes, and some bits of The Division. All in all, that combines into a looter-shooter that features PvP, as well as PvE. Sounds good? I think it does.

Marauders: PvP & PvE

Marauders is a "dieselpunk"-themed shooter, set to pirates in space. The FPS fun takes place in a 1990 alternate future, and the theme of the game is to raid, loot, survive, upgrade and repeat. Anyone familiar with the genre will also be familiar with the "raid, loot, and escape" loop, and that's exactly what this game offers.

Part of the course is some PvE and PvP action, and there is also one feature that sets the game apart: Marauders features dogfighting in space ships. That's right - this game is more than just boots-on-the-ground: You can upgrade your ship, build better ones or steal other people's ships - it's all fair in the pirate world of marauders. This alone sets the game apart, and if I just piqued your interest, then you'll be happy to know that you can get some early Marauders action at the W.A.S.D. in London from April 7-9. After that, the game is announced to enter Early Access later in 2022.