This PlayStation Game Is So Hardcore, Sony Had it Censored

Martha is Dead is the name, terrifying is the game, and PlayStation ain't playing: This game needs to be censored if it's staying.

Martha is dead censored ps4 ps5
I don't see why this is disturbing at all. | © Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead. Don't tell Batman and Superman.

Ba-Dam, tss.

Thank you.

Anyway, that's the name of the game, seriously. The game in question is a horror game, that's so horrendous, that PlayStation themselves asked the developers to censor it. Yup. Could you ask for a better promo? No. Every 15-year-old in the world wants to play the game now. Also... me too.

Martha Is Dead: Censored, But What Is it?

Martha Is Dead is set in the Second World War, more specifically, towards the end of the war, and the game takes place in Italy. Rather than your typical world war shooter, though, Martha is Dead is a first-person psychological thriller that tackles topics of spirituality, superstition and tragedy. The story revolves around Martha, who is... dead. Her desecrated body is floating in the waters, and you take the role of Giulia, a young German girl and Martha's twin sister, who tries to come to terms with Martha's gruesome death.

Because the game is so disturbing and features dismemberment, disfigurement of human bodies, nudity, and self-harm, PlayStation said 'no'. The devs have to censor the game for the Sony consoles, but will still release the original vision for PC and Xbox:

The game will release on February 24, and this could be another L for Sony, because... now everybody wants to play the uncensored version even more so than before, but will not able to do it on a PS4 or PS5. Bad move, Sony, bad move.