Marvel's Avengers: The End Is Near

The final update for Marvel's Avengers is just around the corner. The services for the game, which released in 2019, will be discontinued. We'll show you what's next for Marvel's Avengers game.

Marvels avengers bossfight
Marvel's Avengers: The end is near. Fancy one last fight? | © Crystal Dynamics

The superhero team has reached the end of its journey: Marvel's Avengers will receive its final update later this year. We'll show you what happens to the Avengers game afterward.

The End Of The Adventure: Marvel's Avengers Gets Its Last Update

The game has never been as successful as was hoped. Despite the entire licensing package of the Marvel Universe, the opinion about the game is rather divided. In the meantime, no one plays the game anymore, so it's only logical that it will end soon. On September 30, the game will finally end. No more service, no more updates.

Yes, the services will be completely discontinued. However, this doesn't mean that the game will disappear completely. You won't be able to buy it anymore, but it will remain in Game Pass for the time being, which means that new players could get it until September. And everyone who owns it can continue to play. Also in co-op, by the way.

And what about microtransactions? Once the final patch is released, you will no longer be able to spend real money in Marvel's Avengers. All the contents of the cosmetic store will become free. If you still have credits left, the in-game currency of Marvel's Avengers, this money will be converted into in-game resources.

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