New Halo: Infinite Campaign Gameplay Looks Fantastic

New gameplay of Halo: Infinite's campaign has just been released and it looks absolutely fantastic.

New Halo: Infinite Campaign Gameplay Looks Fantastic
MasterChief saving everyone's behind again.... | © Microsoft

Folks, I don't know if you were aware, but a new Halo game is coming out soon. Halo: Infinite is less than a month away and Microsoft is finally ramping up the marketing by showing us more and more gameplay. Earlier today, another video showing gameplay from Halo: Infinite's campaign was revealed and I need to talk about it, because it looks absolutely fantastic.

New Halo: Infinite Campaign Gameplay Revealed

This new nugget of gameplay comes courtesy of our colleagues from Game Informer. The new Halo game will feature as the cover story of their next print issue and as part of their coverage, they showed some gameplay with the world.

This is not the first bit of singleplayer gameplay we got recently. A few weeks ago, 343 Industries shared a more extended look at the Halo: Infinite campaign. That already gave us a fantastic insight into some mechanics that will be in the game. Now Game Informer's video gave us a less edited version of the gameplay and I'm still just so excited for this game.

Honestly, all of it just looks really great. In the video you see classic Halo-action: The Master Chief is making his way through Forerunner structures and enemy bases, mowing down droves of Covenant enemies. What sounds kind of boring on paper is actually quite promising: if this game sticks to Halo's strengths and improves on the formula, just like Halo 2 and Halo 3 did for the original trilogy, it could be a really fantastic entry for the series.

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In this video, we see less of the new big thing in Halo: Infinite, which is the open world. But we see more direct action, combining new and old weapons, meaty and raw firefights with new mobility like the grappling hook. In these videos, the game looks like so much fun and also the graphics are looking really fresh too – not like in that terrible reveal trailer.

The game seems so far away from that now though and we are super excited for Halo: Infinite. It's coming out on December 8 for Xbox Game Pass. Are you excited too? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.