New PS5 Slim Supposed To Release In 2023

According to some rumors, the current PS5 will soon be replaced by a PS5 Slim. Let's take a look at the latest information.

PS5 Slim
This huge console could become way smaller soon. | © Sony

The PS5 is still not easy to get and even if you do get your hands on one, you'll have a pretty huge console that will take up quite a bit of space. I mean, the PlayStation 5 is humongous. However, according to new rumors on the Internet, the current PS5 could soon be replaced by some kind of PS5 Slim. Let's see what the current leaks reveal about the new PS5 Slim.

PS5 Slim Coming In 2023?

Sony has been trying to reduce the weight and size of the PS5 for a while now, which has so far resulted in the B and C chassis. In the meantime, however, they already seem to be working on an even lighter PS5 version that has an external, detachable disc drive and is internally referred to as chassis D. According to the leaks, however, this new version won't actually be called PS5 Slim and be sold in addition to the current version, but it will instead completely replace the normal PS5.

Production of the current PS5 is scheduled to cease in October 2023, while the new "PS5 Slim" version is scheduled to go into production in April 2023 and go on sale in September 2023.

With this new design, Sony wants to reduce the weight and size of the PS5 in order to save on shipping costs, but also on production costs. Allegedly, the "PS5 Slim" will be available for purchase as soon as it is available, either individually, i.e. without a disc drive, or in a bundle, with a disc drive. The detachable disc drive is also supposed to be available for purchase separately afterwards.

In summary, this means that we probably won't get an official PS5 Slim in 2023, but only a new, revised version of the PS5 that isn't explicitly called "Slim". However, as long as we can save some shelf space, we don't care about the name for the time being...

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