New Xbox Consoles Revealed In Big Microsoft Leak

New documents were leaked, showing that Microsoft is planning to release new Xbox Series consoles in the next years.

Xbox series x series s
Microsoft is set to release new Xbox Series consoles. | © Microsoft

The recent FTC vs. Microsoft trial ended up revealing a ton of internal plans and documents by the Xbox makers. If you thought we were done with that barrage of info, think again: yet another batch of documents from the trial has been leaked, revealing that Microsoft is planning to release new versions of their Xbox Series consoles.

New Xbox Series Consoles Planned For 2024

According to the internal document, as was revealed by The Verge, Microsoft is planning to refresh the Xbox Series X with a new version of the console, code-named Brooklin. The console is supposed to be disc-less, offer 2TB of storage, faster Wi-Fi, better Bluetooth and reduced power usage.

Xbox series x brooklin leak console
This leaked fact check reveals the features of the next Series X. | © Microsoft

The original Series X launched at $499, Microsoft is targeting the “same great price” for Brooklin. A new Xbox Series S has already been announced, featuring 1TB storage. The other improvements could be coming to yet another refresh of the Series S, codenamed Ellewood.

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According to the Verge, both are set to release in 2024, with Ellewood planned for September and Brooklin set for release in November.

Both consoles will come with a brand-new version of the Xbox Series controller, code-named Sebile. The biggest new features for Sebile seem to be it’s (really ugly) two-color design and the inclusion of gyro and haptic features. Sebile is set to be announced this year.

Xbox Sebile Controller Leak
A new Xbox controller is coming as well. | © Microsoft

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