Nintendo Kills Off Zelda BOTW Multiplayer Mod Content

This YouTuber created a Zelda: Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod, where we could all play together on this beautiful open world map of Hyrule. Unfortunately, Nintendo deals very aggressively with things like these and got his video banned.

Zelda Breath of the Wild
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Multiplayer mod taken down by Nintendo | © Nintendo

One of the most popular Legend of Zelda YouTubers, PointCrow, has created a Zelda: Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod that allows us to join each other in Hyrules open-world map online. PointCrow is known for testing out funny and impressive mods in Breath of the Wild and other Nintendo games. He recently released a multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild. This mod is truly impressive and allows the community to come together and experience this amazing game in a whole new way.

But knowing Nintendo as we do, they don't like it when the community starts something without them. PointCrow is now facing some issues with Nintendo as they have been blocking and demonetizing his YouTube content regarding the Breath of the Wild multiplayer.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Mod Videos Blocked By Nintendo

The famous Zelda YouTuber "PointCrow" has created a Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod. Last year, he had uploaded several videos where he and a couple of other streamers would test it out together. The entire project has attracted a lot of attention on YouTube and made the community hungry for more. This mod is bringing Zelda fans from all over the world a bit closer to each other, allowing us to share the joy of this game by playing it together.

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Since multiplayer modes were never a huge thing in the Zelda franchise, this is a really refreshing new feature that many would love to try out. Unfortunately, Nintendo wasn't so fond of this idea, since PointCrow recently released this mod to the public on April 4. All of his videos, which have each reached over a million views on YouTube, have been blocked and demonetized due to copyright violation.

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That Nintendo is quite strict when it comes to fan-made mods is nothing new. But since PointCrow himself has contributed a lot to the Zelda hype on YouTube and built an enthusiastic and active community with his content, Nintendo could have looked the other way here. Of course, he himself is not thrilled about the copyright bans either. In a recent Tweet, he publicly shared his disappointment in Nintendo America.

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