Somebody Already Owns Pokemon Arceus And Is Leaking Everything

Early sale, early leak: Pokémon Arceus is out there and leaks are doing what they do: leaking.

Pokemon Arceus Legends Gameplay Leaks
Well, it doesn't look like this, I promise you that. | © Breath of the Wild mod

So, do you start a leak article with a 'spoiler alert' or is that a given? Not sure anymore in today's world, so... spoiler alert dummy:

Someone copped Pokémon Legends: Arceus early and is now leaking everything he can, so he can have his 15 minutes of fame. I'm sure that's not a problem, because GameFreaks will take the other 45, when the game is officially released on January 28.

Of course, even before this leak, there were some Pokémon Legends Arceus gameplay impressions, and, of course, EarlyGame was here for it: First Impressions On Pokémon Legends: Arceus Gameplay

Pokémon Legends Arceus Leaks Are Everywhere

How did this happen? Well, some guy got the game early. Yup... Don't ask me how this keeps on happening - all I know is that it does keep on happening, and at this point, honestly, it's a part of a normal release.

If you're into getting your game leaked and spoiled (why does this sound dirty, though) before you spend $70 on it, then this Reddit thread is your friend: It has all the leaked stuff easily available. Actually, now that I think about it - you have to click the link to get spoiled, so there was no need for a spoiler alert in the first place.

Now, the interesting question here is: How do you even spoil a Pokémon game in the first place? The plot and story is always the same, and the end-game is too: Catch 'em all. But, hey, I'm the resident Pokémon hater, so what do I know.

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