Project L: Bad News Regarding Riot's Fighting Game

Project L News
Project L. Is. About. To. Be. Lit. Boy. (Credit: Dave Hansan - ArtStation)

Project L is Riot's upcoming fighting game in the League of Legends universe. The game was announced a while back, and now we know a little more about its upcoming release date.

So first of all: I love fighting games, and I am certifiably hyped for Project L. After the news that play-testing started a couple of weeks back, I was sure Project L was close to getting a release date. Heck, I would've bet the house I don't own that the LoL fighting game would get its official release date at the online EVO this year.

Well... then the big man Tom Cannon had to go ahead and tweet this:

Why you doin' me dirty like that, Tom? I've been waiting since the 10-year anniversary. I've been working on my shoryukens in anticipation. I was mentally ready. I steeled my reflexes. I had my finger game on point.

Ok... that last one came out wrong. Anyway...

What is the Project L Release Date?

Not 2021, apparently. Beyond that we don't know much. Tom Cannon and Riot Games are as tight-lipped as it gets about this, but they did give us this little fidget of information:

Honestly, at this point, I'll take any news on Project L. Roster, move sets, fighting system... we don't know anything except that it will be free to play and has every $60 fighting game shaking in its boots.

Will Project L be the downfall of Street Fighter and every other 2D fighter? Maybe. We definitely won't find out this year though.

More on Project L:

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