Earth-Sized Open-World Artemis Is the Most Ambitious Game in Decades

PUBG creator Brandon Greene is working on two new games at his studio, PlayerUnknown: Prologue and Artemis. The former is merely the literal prologue to the latter, and the latter... well... Artemis wants to be the biggest game ever.

In one sentence, this is what Artemis is about: An earth-sized open world game, that reacts to what players do, meaning that "if you kill all the bears in a region, maybe the deer population explodes.” Insane. Absolutely and utterly insane, and it is with that little bit of Oh-My-Goodness that I want to introduce you to the new open-world game from the PUBG creator: Artemis.

Artemis might put all other open-worlds to shame, but these are still the open-worlds we're most hyped for:

New Open-World Game Artemis Will Be Earth-Sized

A world sized-open world game. That means a game, which is 148,940,000,000,000 square meters big, or, in other words, a game that would take you 8300 hours to traverse on foot. Crazy talk? Yup. Do we love it? Yup. This new game putting other open-worlds to shame is brought to us by PUBG creator Brandon Greene, and he is doing more than just creating a large world: He promises that the earth-sized open-world of Artemis will be full of life – just like the real world.

The world of Artemis will be emergent, meaning that it is a place where anything is possible: You can turn it into a battle royale or a hunting sim, a racing game or a sports game, a survival game or a life simulator in the big city. In fact, those cities, settlements and more will all be built by real players, just like in the real world. Hearing this, naturally, movies like Ready Player One come to mind and, ultimately, this is what Artemis could turn into: A world beyond our world. But, let's hear from the mastermind Brandon Greene himself:

Since the first day I played DayZ, getting to the edge of the map and thinking, ‘Fuck, man, why does it have to end here?’ Seeing some of the bigger worlds and thinking about what’s possible, I loved the idea of making a space where a helicopter has real meaning. It’s not just that it cuts the trip across the map down to a few minutes. It cuts it down from a few days.
This kind of desire to have a digital life is strong in a lot of gamers. Providing this space where it’s a big enough world–I love Rust, but if you play on a busy server there are bases every few meters. I want a space where you don’t discover a player’s base for miles. Or when you do it’s a big settlement rather than a box. This stuff has always excited me, ever since I got back into gaming by discovering really open worlds. Red Dead Redemption is fantastic, but it’s just a bunch of scripts. You go kill all the bears in a region, go away, come back, and they’re all back again. I want to have meaningful life in the world. If you kill all the bears in a region, maybe the deer population explodes.

We have the technology to do this. We can think about ecosystems. I want this world to have a life that isn’t dependent upon the player. It exists without the player. It’s a big ask. I know what I’m trying to do here is seemingly impossible, but it will be small steps. I think we’ll get there. I’ve been thinking about this a long time. I want this open world. This space where you can just even go by yourself and discover places in it. Just go hiking. I’ve had this dream for quite some time

It sounds too good to be true and almost grandiose, but mind you that this is the man who created PUBG and turned the company behind it – Krafton – into a billion-dollar venture. Also, Greene is not just all talk: PlayerUnknown actually came up with a prologue for Artemis, which is called just that: Prologue. The game is developed by Brandon Greene's new studio, PlayerUnknown Productions, and will boast a huge virtual world:

Follow the first tweet to read the full profile Venture Beat did on Brandon Greene and all this awesome craziness he's working on. It's a long read, but worth your time, and I promise you this much: Artemis (plus Prologue) are definitely very high up on my watchlist.

Now, it should be noted that No Man's Sky is an obvious competitor to Greene's vision and is already seemingly pulling off the impossible, with a game world that would take 585 billion years to fully explore. Yet, it is the emergent and un-scripted promise of Artemis that makes it stand out from the crowd. It's also what makes Artemis a tough task, but we're always ones to root, and we'll be rooting for PlayerUnknown to pull off this masterpiece.

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