PUBG 2 Is Coming And It Will Be Super Realistic!

PUBG 2 Announced and it will be super realistic
If you're not hyped for PUBG 2... do you even like Battle Royales? Do you even game? (Credit: GameRant)

PUBG 2 is coming, and it will be grounded in realism without any futuristic elements. With an all-star team of Battle Royale developers, this game is shaping up to be big!

Let's make no mistake about it: PUBG is the godfather of Battle Royales. I don't care what your favorite Battle Royale is – PUBG inspired it and every other BR dev was inspired by PUBG. Now, the daddy of all is not satisfied enough anymore with going strong on mobile: PUBG 2 is coming!

What Do We Know About PUBG 2?

  • PUBG 2 will be grounded in realism
  • Devs from other Battle Royale games are recruited into the development
  • It will not follow the trend of Callisto Protocol

Honestly, that's all the info we have on PUBG 2 at this point, but you know us: It's enough to get us excited! Here's the tweet with the inside scoop:

What more is there to say, other than: We love it? PUBG returning to glory and retaking its throne atop of the Battle Royale world? We're all for it. While Battlefield 6, Halo Infinite and more are gearing up to make a BR splash, PUBG 2 might just end up showing all these wannabes who's boss:

Oh, and here's a whole video on the insider leak. Enjoy:

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