This Game Is Dark Souls meets Hades. In Cute. With Katanas.

Samurai Bringer is what happens when you put Dark Souls and Hades into a mixer filled with pixel-art.

Samurai bringer game
Don't tell me this doesn't look badass. | © Samurai Bringer

Samurai Bringer is one of those games you never really hear about, until it's here and everybody plays it. Kind of like Death's Door, which was arguably the best indie single-player game since Hades (if you can even still call the Hades devs indie), and is one of the best roguelites in recent memory. If you're into roguelites, then, obviously you already played Hades and Curse of the Dead Gods (if not, shame on you), and are looking for something new. Well… You found it.

Samurai Bringer Might Be the Next Big Roguelite

Samurai Bringer is published by PLAYISM and was developed by Alphawing, who are bringing the game to the PlayStation, Switch and the PC. The game will launch this spring, and will see you cut down samurai, demons and other creatures and 'historical' figures from the Japanese mythology, in order to collect combat techniques and improve your fighting style. As is the case with roguelites, you'll improve with every death, every play through.

Honestly the game looks super fun already, and beyond just Hades and Dark Souls vibes, it gives a little bit of Zelda-nostalgia. That, coupled with the fact that it's set in Japanese mythology – which I love – and this one is an easy must-play for me when it's released this spring.

If anything, this once again reminds me: We need more games set in Japan, and making use of its history and mythology, goddammit. Ghost of Tsushima alone isn't enough.