Starfield Release Date: Latest News, Leaks & More

Bethesda has returned with their newest game, Starfield. But how does this game differ between Elder Scrolls and Fallout? Let me tell you.

Starfield rumored xbox exclusive
It's time to enter the Starfield in 2022 | © Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda is one of my favorite developers in history. We wouldn’t have experienced Elder Scrolls or Fallout without their innovative approach towards RPGs. So I’m happy to report that Bethesda is launching a new franchise named Starfield. Except this time around, we’ll experience an interstellar adventure in space. Should we expect a straightforward RPG? Will Starfield resemble a futuristic Fallout? These are some of the questions I’ve wondered about with this upcoming title, and I’m sure you’re also curious. So, let me tell you about this game.

[Update June 12]

Gameplay Shown At Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

On June 12, 2022, we were shown more of this exciting game during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, on the Sunday during Summer Game Fest. Here was what we were shown:

Exciting stuff, huh?

You can read more about everything else we saw during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase here.

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When Is Starfield Coming Out?

[Update, June 10, 2022]

We knew after the most recent delay, that Starfield will come out in the first half of 2023. Now we have a more concrete release window thanks to a new leak.

An ad for Xbox Game Pass popped up, saying that Starfield will release "Early 2023", which would mean a release within the first three months or so. You can read more about this in our article here. Just a reminder though: this is not an official confirmation, so take this info with a grain of salt.

[Update, May 12, 2022]

Get ready for the tears, guys, Bethesda has confirmed that Starfield is delayed. Unfortunately – or fortunately, if the quality of the game is then better – Starfield will release in the first half of 2023. Redfall fans will also be disappointed today...

We don't have an exact date yet, but will update this article with one if it gets released.

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Guess what? We won’t have to wait that long to experience Starfield on our Xbox’s and PlayStation’s. Bethesda is launching this title on November 11th, 2022. It’s a specific date chosen to honor Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which released ten years prior on November 11th.

Could that mean Starfield will have DLC based around the Elder Scrolls? That would be interesting. I’d love to destroy aliens while wearing dragonborn armor. However, details on Starfield’s special editions haven’t been confirmed by Bethesda. We’ll know more when November 11th approaches.

What’s Different Between Starfield And Elder Scrolls?

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Which RPG will be better? Starfield or Elder Scrolls? Who knows. | © Bethesda Softworks

Wow, Bethesda is developing a grounded experience based on reality. I’d never thought those words would come from my mouth. But it’s true; Starfield focuses on science to create a realistic experience around space exploration. It’ll be interesting to see the comparisons between Starfield, Mass Effect, and Elite Dangerous. All these games focus on practical space exploration. But I’m confident that amongst these three titles, Starfield will stand strongest. I mean, Bethesda has spent several years designing this game. It should blow our minds away.

Is Starfield Getting Released Onto Xbox And PC?

Xbox gamers can rejoice, as Microsoft purchased Bethesda for $7.5 billion in 2021. This means Starfield will have notable launches on the Xbox and PC. However, some gamers have questioned if Microsoft is making Starfield an exclusive property for the Xbox. Unfortunately, we can confirm that Starfield won't be launching onto the PlayStation4 or PlayStation5. Microsoft has expressed they'll be Starfield an exclusive title after their acquisition of Bethesda.

Is Starfield Part Of The Game Pass On Xbox?

Microsoft and Bethesda have confirmed that Starfield is launching onto the game pass on November 11th, 2022. This means Xbox players aren’t required to purchase Starfield to experience this game. Instead, we’ll need a subscription to the game pass service. Luckily, I’m already subscribed for Halo Infinite.

Everything We Know About Starfield So Far | Features & Story Mode

Starfield Concept Art Teases Lush Environments Quit With Life
The commanders and heroes of Starfield | © Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda hasn’t provided many details on Starfield’s gameplay. Like usual, they’re keeping things a mystery. We won’t know what Starfield can offer until experiencing this game firsthand. But some confirmations have been made by Todd Howard. He announced that Starfield is a hardcore RPG with solid character progression.

We’re supposed to have greater control over our characters. But how much customization is there? Well, we can change our pronouns and background throughout the game. This should create interesting dynamics that I’m excited to experience. Plus, Bethesda claims there’ll be additional forms of customization that we won’t know about till launch. For me, that’s pretty damn exciting.

Customizing our characters isn’t the only thing to get excited for, as Todd Howard from Bethesda confirmed that the creation graphics engine has been overhauled for Starfield. That means we’re getting improved graphics for the updated consoles. It also means we’re getting our first taste of what Elder Scrolls 6 could graphically look like, isn’t that amazing?

Into The Starfield – Made For Wanders [Update]

Guess what? We’ve been provided with another significant update for Starfield, and there’s more information than you would think. Initially, Todd Howard states that Bethesda’s upcoming RPG is all about decision-making and character relationships. Then the Design Director Emil Pagliarulo mentioned that Bethesda doesn’t make roleplaying games but instead virtual simulators, and with both these comments being officially made, one can’t help but to suspect that Starfield will maintain an immersive experience.

It was confirmed that Starfield’s character development system is based on real-world models. This means Bethesda is utilizing photogrammetry techniques like they would with landscape footage. As such, interactions with your character and NPCs should seem more realistic than ever before, which has me excited. It leans towards Bethesda’s statement that Starfield is a virtual simulation for science-fiction fans.

Meet the first confirmed companion for Starfield, an AI Robot | © Bethesda Softworks

We’ve also learned about the four factions that will reside in Starfield. Players will be capable of joining one of the following groups: The United Colonies, Freestar Collective, Ryujin Industries, and Crimson Fleet. But what are the differences between these factions?

  • United Colonies – Become part of the space republic’s future and best ideologies.
  • Freestar Collective – Join the frontier and become the equivalent of a space cowboy.
  • Ryujin Industries – Become part of the corporate landscape and gain a head start in Starfield.
  • Crimson Fleet – Join the pirate raiders to play Starfield as the antagonist.

Bethesda provided an example of the factions by mentioning players could join the Crimson Fleet and secretly report back to either the United Colonies, Freestar Collective, or Ryujin Industries. This means you can become a secret agent to destroy your enemies from the inside out, and I’ve found this to be an incredible upgrade compared to previous factions in Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

What Are The Companions In Starfield?

1575422 3 full 1
Meet the first confirmed companion for Starfield, an AI Robot | © Bethesda Softworks

Another gameplay feature has been added into Starfield, and it’s called the companion system. We don’t know much about this system, but Bethesda did reveal there are AI Robot Companions that have their own dialogue and story-mode interactions. This should add another level of gameplay to Starfield and make our journeys in this science-fiction world more exciting. As Todd Howard said, he wants everyone to finish this game while asking themselves what’s next for humanity?

Is Starfield Getting An Online Mode?

I’ve wondered about the possibility of Starfield maintaining an online mode. I mean, Bethesda retains the technological capabilities to design an MMORPG. However, most gamers are confident that Bethesda has learned from their failures with Fallout 76. They’re presuming that Starfield will be single player only. But I’d argue that Bethesda will incorporate single-player and multiplayer modes into Starfield. How could you pass up the opportunity to introduce co-op into Starfield? It would be awesome to explore the galaxy with our friends.

Game Trailer And Demo

Gameplay footage hasn’t been released for Starfield. However, we’ve acquired an initial trailer that showcases various environments throughout this universe. I’d found the trailer focused on spaceships, leading me to believe we’ll have customization options with building our home base. That wouldn’t be surprising considering home bases were a significant part of Fallout 76. Unfortunately, that could mean Starfield will contain microtransactions. I hope Bethesda avoids this, as single-player games shouldn’t be focused around microtransactions.

Game System Requirements

I’d previously mentioned that Bethesda overhauled its graphics engine for Starfield. So, that means our CPUs and GPUs could need unexpected upgrades. However, I think you’ll see that most gaming computers with modern components can handle what Starfield has to offer.

Minimum System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirement
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-bit or Later)
CPUIntel Core i5 6600K / AMD FX-8350
Storage SpaceTBC
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 570
Video MemoryDirectX 12
Graphics DriverTBC

Recommended System Requirements

CategorySystem Requirement
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Windows 11 (64-bit or Later)
CPUIntel Core i7-5820K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Storage SpaceTBC
Hi-Rez Assets CacheTBC
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 / AMD Radeon RX 6800
Video MemoryDirectX 12
Graphics DriverTBC