Texas Chainsaw Massacre Horror Game in Development

Texas chainsaw massacre game gun media
What will the cosmetics on Leatherface look like? | © The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gun Media seems to be working on a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. Yes, that's the masterminds behind the Friday the 13th game, working on a Triple A horror game.

This leak comes our way via the good folks at Reddit and this one is kind of more than just a mere a leak: If you go on leatherfacethegame.com, you literally get redirected to the Gun Media website. I mean, uhm... why would they do that if they're not working on a game featuring good ol' Leatherface?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Horror Game

Gun Media might not necessarily be a name to all of you, but one of their biggest games is Friday the 13th – the horror multiplayer game that could've been Dead by Daylight, but... wasn't. It's an asymmetrical multiplayer game that hits much of the same notes as Dead by Daylight. Despite the fate of Friday the 13th, Gun Media have proven to be talented horror game developers and I have faith in them adapting the 1974 horror-classic.

Previous rumors suggested that Gun Media might be working on an adaption of John Carpenter's Halloween, but those remained mere rumors and never got confirmed in any way, nor did they ever get a clue as big as Leatherface's website. So... maybe it's Halloween, maybe it's Texas Chainsaw Massacre – either way, we know they are working on a horror game, because Kane Hodder confirmed he's doing horror-game motion capture work for Gun Media:

I did the motion capture for Jason in the video game, and I'm currently doing a new video game, another horror franchise, that I can't talk about yet but you'll see, eventually.

However this one turns out, horror fans can look forward to another quality game in their genre. It just remains to be seen whether we'll end up with Mike Myers or Leatherface. Given that Mike Myers and Halloween were mere fan theories and that Leatherface actually got his own URL... I'm leaning towards the latter.

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