Naughty Dog Gives Official Update on The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer

The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer Factions 2 Update
We bet that Factions 2 will release as a standalone The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer. | © Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is working on a The Last of Us multiplayer – that much we know. Aside from that, though... we don't really know much else.

Naughty Dog just gave us the briefest update ever: In their own community update for The Last of Us Day 2021, they spoke on a number of things, thanked their fans, and then got to the part that they know everybody wants to know about. In their own words, they wrote out their fans thoughts:

"Yeah, that's lovely and great, Naughty Dog, but what are you doing with The Last of Us right now?"

Naughty Dog then proceeded to answer the question they knew we were all thinking about:

"In short, we’re working on it. We see the community comments as many of you clamor for multiplayer and want updates. For now, we’ll say that we love what the team is developing and want to give them time to build out their ambitious project, we’ll reveal more when it’s ready! To that end, we’ve been busy growing our team inside the kennel since The Last of Us Part II launched and are currently in full swing of hiring for MP-related positions (hint hint), so if you or somebody you know qualifies for anything you see on our jobs page, apply!

If you want to read the full community update, you can do so here. For now, we're just thankful for the little 'hint-hint'. Up until now, all we had were rumors, speculations and job listings that Naughty Dog is indeed working on a The Last of Us multiplayer. This marks the first time that they're actually confirming it, so... we like it.

Still, we have no idea if this multiplayer will be a standalone game, a The Last of Us 2 DLC or maybe even not be related to the Last of Us at all... only time will tell. Our money is on it being a standalone game – Factions 2 – made with the same engine as The Last of Us 2.

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