Valheim: The Best Bow and Arrows to Use

Draugr fang valheim
That's right, it glows in the dark! (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim is a dangerous place, and a good bow and arrow is vital for surviving the different biomes. There are many bow and arrow choices to wade through, though, so today we are taking a look at which bow & arrows you should be using.

Where to Get The Best Bow in The Game

The Draugr Fang has the highest damage out of all other bows, with 47 piercing and 5 additional poison damage. In order to get this bow, you need to collect crafting materials from both the Swamp and Mountain biomes.

The Draugr Bow:

  • 10 Ancient Bark

  • 20 Silver Bars

  • 2 Deer Hide

  • 10 Guck

This means you need to kill the 3rd boss before you can craft it, as you need silver ore.

Valheim bow guide
Bows are an essential weapon in Valheim (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

A strong second choice, and easier to get bow is the Huntsman Bow. It deals less damage than the Draugr Bow, but still deals 42 piercing damage.

The Huntsman Bow:

  • 10 Fine Wood

  • 20 Iron Bars

  • 10 Feathers

  • 2 Deer Hide

We strongly recommend one of these two bows as the arrow drop-off is far less than with other bows. That means it is easier to hit a target from further away. If you can hit targets that do not see you, it will also deal bonus damage.

What Are the Best Arrows to Use?

Deathsquitos drop the crafting material but are hard to kill (Credit: Iron Gate AB).

There are 3 choices of end-game arrows in Valheim. The highest damage dealing arrows are either Frost Arrows or Poison Arrows, but they both require a lot of materials to make. Needle Arrows deal lower damage, but are easier to farm if you can kill the Deathsquitos in the Plains. With that, let's look at what's needed to craft each arrow.

Needle Arrows:

  • 4 Needles

  • 2 Feathers

The Plains is the last biome you will go to in your Valheim adventure. So, getting Needle Arrows will not be easy unless you have the Wolf Armor set, or a good shield made of Iron or Silver.

Meadows valheim
The Meadows are so peaceful and mellow... (Credit: Iron Game AB)

Frost Arrows:

  • 8 Wood
  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Feathers
  • 1 Freeze gland

Frost Arrows require a lot of materials to make. Keep in mind that you will collect a lot of Obsidian and Freeze Glands whilst exploring the Mountains, making these arrows a great choice.

Poison Arrows:

  • 8 Wood
  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Feathers
  • 2 Ooze

Poison Arrows require you to kill Blobs for their ooze, which is really annoying because of their poison attack. To safely farm Blobs without dying, you need a poison resistance potion, and enough patience to navigate the Swamp itself. These factors make Poison Arrows less than ideal, given the other easier-to-farm options.

Valheim bows fixed
A list of All Bows in Valheim (Credit: Valheim Wiki).

Which Arrows Should You Use in the Early Game?

Before you get the best arrows, you need something else to let loose on your enemies. We recommend either Fire Arrows or Obsidian Arrows, which are both easy to make in bulk. Do not make arrows from Bronze or Iron, as this is a waste of hard-to-farm resources. Make these arrows instead:

Fire Arrows:

  • 8 Wood
  • 8 Resin
  • 2 Feathers

Obsidian Arrows:

  • 8 Wood
  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Feathers

If you are looking for Feathers, they can easily be farmed from Gulls that appear near shorelines, or in open spaces.

With our recommendations for both Bows and Arrows, you will easily take down most enemies in a few shots, or weaken them so you only need a single melee-blow to finish them off. Valheim doesn't have to be hard. With the right preparation and gear, the game is much easier. Good Luck, Viking brethren!

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