WoW Shadowlands Venthyr Covenant Profile

The Vampires of Shadowlands are the Venthyr (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Enter the Shadowlands, the latest WoW expansion. Today we will look at the Venthyr Covenant and help you consider what your starting Covenant will be. What Signature ability, Dungeon Bonuses, rewards, and other features appeal to you the most? Let’s take a look at everything the Venthyr has to offer.

WoW Shadowlands will have four Covenants to choose from and each one comes with a list of unique rewards, abilities and even quests. You may only choose one to profess your loyalty, and changing Covenants comes with costs and in-game time gating. So going back on your oath is not so simple. Will you make your choice based on class, rewards, or lore? Let’s look at the signature abilities first to help you make the choice easier because this is one of the larger considerations you need to make when choosing your Covenant. Remember you have to reach the max level in Shadowlands before you can choose.

The Venthyr's Door of Shadows

Shadowlands door of shadows
Teleportation has never been so spooky! (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Move through the shadows and appear at the targeted location.
  • 35-yard range with a 1.5-second cast
  • 1 Charge, 1 min recharge

A slower but larger distance teleport than the Night Fae's Soul Shape! This one might be good for Range DPS that can pre-move in anticipation of boss mechanics. In the open world, this will make for a great speed boost and make soloing a little faster.

Venthyr Dungeon Bonuses

If you choose Venthyr you will have access to a special ability inside the dungeons of The Sanguine Depths and the Halls of Atonement.

Loyal Stoneborn Shadowlands
Those who choose the Venthyr can request aid from mighty gargoyle (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

In the Halls of Atonement, if you have allied with the Venthyr may cast a spell on the Loyal Stoneborn so they fight on your side for 30seconds. Another Shadowlands dungeon bonus is found in the Sanguine Depths where Cages of Anima hide throughout the dungeon. To harness this power the party needs to kill enemies nearby while a chosen Venthyr activates the Anima Drain ability by clicking the cage. Depending on how many enemies are killed near it parties members will receive a stacking damage and healing buff called Sinfall Boon.

Venthyr Rewards

If you choose the Venthyr as your Covenant expect to get a full transmog set and a matching mount as your main reward. There are 40 levels of renown to reach which is earned through quests and each level offers a new bonus or reward. Everything from toys, weapon illusions, and Soulbind upgrades to unlock.

Venthyr Armor
A full set of Venthyr Armor (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Venthyr Soulbinds

Pick between Nadjia, Theotar, and Dravento be your Venthyr mentor to Soulbinds. Each mentor offers a different choice on how your class will be played in the Shadowlands. There is a very long list of Soulbinds that go along with each specific class and spec so choose your Covenant carefully. Will you pick your Covenant for power in raids, open-world, or dungeons? The choice is yours to make. Or maybe you pick Venthyr because you simply want access to the very cool vampire bear mount!

Venthyr mount
A mix between a bat and a bear - whatever it is you get to ride it nonetheless. (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

If you care more about character power we suggest you use this talent calculator that shows you the different soul binds for each spec. and class. Here you can find out exactly what the Venthyr has to offer your Demon Hunter or your Arcane Mage. Whatever class you play we highly suggest considering the Soulbinds each Covenant has to offer. And if the Venthyr are too emo for you maybe consider the noble Kyrian instead.

Enjoy your time in the Shadowlands. EarlyGame will be back with the Necolords and the Night Fae Covenants and to see what they have to offer in the next part of this Covenant profile series.