Happy B-Day Fortnite: The 3rd Birthday Is Coming!

Image credit: Epic Games

Fortnite will soon be three years old! In the last few years, the game has always thought up special birthday treats for its fans - and this time we shouldn't go away empty-handed either. What rewards can we unpack to celebrate the day?

Fortnite's third birthday celebrations will begin on July 25, 2020 (or maybe a day earlier). Just like previous birthday events, players can expect free rewards - but what exactly? Not many leaks have come to light yet, but some suspect that we could get a birthday-style glider. In addition, we are speculating about other rewards like skins, emotes, etc. A few more challenges and it will be a really cool birthday party!

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

As in previous years, we can expect to face Fortnite challenges during the celebrations. Last year, there were various tasks scattered around the map, which you could complete, for example, to unlock a free pickaxe. Epic Games also made the Battle Royale mode more attractive. Besides a new birthday battle bus, there were huge cakes all over the map, which weren't just mere decorations. Cake always works - maybe this Saturday, too.

Fortnite birthday cake
Image credit: Epic Games

It's not yet known exactly what Epic has come up with for this year, but we'll know more by Saturday at the latest. To our regret, the developer already told us that there will be no birthday llama this year. We will miss the little guy and hope that Epic will come up with something else for us. What could be cooler than a llama? A corgi? A chinchilla?

Birthday brigade
Image credit: Epic Games

Save the World Birthday Brigade Penny

For Fortnite's Save the World event a skin with back bling was already leaked. Birthday Brigade Penny will be available from July 25, 2:00 CEST via the "explosive covers" order. Unfortunately, it's not certain if we will also get a skin for the Battle Royale mode. For the game's last birthday we could buy a themed skin in the item shop with V-Bucks. Since this skin hasn't been in the shop since then, it will remain something special. Therefore: who knows, maybe we will get a new skin or at least a new style for the old birthday brigade on Saturday.

Are you looking forward to Fortnite's 3rd birthday? What do you hope for that day? Share your opinion in the comments of our Facebook page.

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