How to Get Better at Valorant - Part 1: Aim

Alongside aim, game sense and map knowledge will play key factors before you get better at Valorant
There's no denying that aim is the most important skill in Valorant(Image Credit: RIOT)

Let’s face it, we all want to become better at Valorant. Given the fact that we personally play this game on a high level, we are here to provide you with several tips and tricks on how to get better at Valorant so do not miss out on our guides.

  1. Aim
  2. Map Knowledge & Ability Lineups
  3. Game Sense

Part 1: How to Improve Your Aim

This is the ultimate question and here is a simple answer. You need to train. If you dedicate 60-90 minutes daily, your aim in Valorant will get better and better. If you are a rookie when it comes to precise FPS titles, here is a quick rundown of things you need to understand while aiming.

Crosshair Placement

In most FPS titles, a single headshot equals a kill. As simple as that. This is why your crosshair placement needs to bet at head height. Speaking from experience, we have seen a lot of players look at the floor while checking angles. These types of people are always bottom fragging and there is no denying that none of you want to bottom frag most of your matches.

By keeping your crosshair at head height, your reaction time does not have to be as fast since you are giving yourself enough space for the micro correction to get a kill.

Know When to Spray and When to Tap

There is a big difference between spraying and tapping. To keep things simple for you, you want to spray only if the enemy is close to you. On the other hand, tapping is perfect while taking long-range duels.

Vandal Valorant
Vandal is the deadliest weapon in Valorant(Image Credit: RIOT)

While training and improving your aim, you will mostly focus on making those micro-adjustments in order to land a headshot. If you decide to train every day for 2 weeks straight, your tapping potential will be sky-high.

When it comes to spray control, everything points to the recoil that needs to be countered. If the recoil goes to the right, you need to pull your mouse to the left. Your recoil control will improve over time. As you get more and more familiar with the rifles (primarily Vandal and Phantom), recoil control will become an automated process for you. Vandal has that one hit potential which is why most players with good Valorant aim prefer this rifle over Phantom.

How to Train Your Aim

In order to train and improve your Valorant aim, you will need to focus on muscle memory. To put things into perspective for you, by repeating things, your brain will get used to it and it will automate the process for you.

The best way to train your Valorant aim is to start “shooting range” and start popping heads. While killing bots, you want to move your crosshair as fast as possible. There is no point if you slowly aim at the head and then shoot. This will not work. Flick as much as you can. Once you start moving your wrist, then you are doing a good job.

Final Take Away on How to Improve Valorant Aim

Just because you put a lot of work in, does not mean that you will automatically get better at Valorant. The aim is just one piece of the puzzle, but still, it is the biggest piece. You simply need to carry your own weight in competitive matches and the only way to do so is to keep that K/D ratio high.

All in all, by putting in a lot of work, you will definitely get better at Valorant. The aim is just the first step. Make sure you read part 2 and part 3 of this series where we will talk about other important aspects of how to get better at Valorant.

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