Industry Intel: Xbox Better, PC Best

Indstry Intel xbox better pc best
That’s how you throw a remaster… erm, spider web! (Image credit: Sony)

It’s Friday and that means only one thing: it’s Industry Intel time! EarlyGame is here to sum up everything noteworthy that’s been going on throughout the week in terms of video game news and gaming business. Let’s go!

The biggest Sony news from the past couple of days is the reports that the highly anticipated PS5 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will come bundled with a remastered version of PS4’s smash-hit Spider-Man. Two for the price of $60 isn’t a bad proposition, given the fact that the first Spidey will look better.

Sony’s competitors have a small victory to celebrate, though. In a recent interview for a New Zealand talk show, Steam boss Gabe Newell stated that the Xbox is the better console of the upcoming generation, and then unscrupulously added: “Because it is.” Queue your favorite “burn/savage/absolute mad lad” meme here. That being said, GabeN does not have a stake in this race, as he is comfortably sitting on his Steam-shape pile of endless money. Speaking of Steam…

Apex Legends is coming to Steam and celebrating its launch with exclusive cosmetics. Respawn is celebrating the partnership with Valve with cute cross-promotion in-game gun charms featuring headcrab Octane, Companion Cube Wattson, and everybody’s potato GLaDOS who will now be literally “hanging in there”.

And to wrap up this week’s Xbox-PC theme, Blizzard cleared the rumors that WoW: Shadowlands will be coming to Xbox. It won’t. Honestly, what were you expecting?

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