Legends of Runeterra Leaks: Quinn is the first champion

Quinn Legends of Runeterra
Quinn comes to Legends of Runeterra. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Armed with a crossbow and protected by gentle wings Quinn was revealed as the first champion in Legends of Runeterra and she has some special features.

Not everyone can claim to have a (more or less) tame eagle. The new and first officially announced champion of Legends of Runeterra does: Quinn. There will probably be more announcements like this before the game's launch on April 30, but for now, let's take a closer look at Quinn:

A total of 11 champions will be available at the launch of the League of Legends Online card game - a completely new region and 120 cards. There's also a theory from LoR streamer Kozmic, who speaks of 63 cards for the new region and 10 each for other new regions, bringing the total to 123. Only time will tell if he's right or wrong. For anyone out of the loop, regions represent the fractions in the game, each with a set of champions, specific cards, and mechanics.

Quinn in Runeterra

She may not be the strongest in the League of Legends MOBA but here things might turn out quite different. In Legends of Runeterra, her stats are very solid and fit perfectly with aggro and midrange builds. Her LoR stats:

At level 1: 3|4

At level 2: 4|5

Valor: 2|1

Valor quinn runeterra
Quinn's faithful companion: Valor. (Image credit: Riot Games)

For five mana, Quinn players can later summon the faithful Eagle Valor. The really interesting thing is the keyword: Scout. If a player has attacked with only units that have Scout on their first attack, he can mobilize. Once Quinn is leveled up, this strategy is a win-win situation for any player because Valor can draw the attention of the strongest opponent and thus take him out of the game almost entirely.

More new cards

With Quinn, not only the first champion has been leaked, but four more cards were also revealed by Riot Games via Twitter - and three of them are scout cards:

Quinn and Valor, but also the new 1.0 LoR region and its maps will be playable for PC users on April 28. The mobile version will be released two days later, on April 30, for the official launch. In case you want to see more details on Legends of Runeterra or a preview of the next League of Legends update, patch 10.8 you'll find both on EarlyGame.