LIVE: Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals: Streams and Results (UPDATED)

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Will Top Esports continue the LPL dominance at Worlds? Image credit: Riot Games

The eight best teams at Worlds enter the playoff stage. With three Chinese, three South Korean, and two European teams hungry for victory, the best-of-five matches promise to be exciting. Who will lift the Summoners’ Cup?

With the group stage in our rear-view mirror, Worlds 2020 continues with the final stage - the playoffs. The eight best teams in the tournament will face off in a series of best-of-five matches to determine who will be the world champion of 2020. The quarterfinals take place between October 15 and October 18, with every day featuring a single series between the first seed of one group and the second seed of another. The games start at 12:00 CEST.

Worlds 2020 Playoff Stage: All Streams

Here are some of the streams you can watch Worlds 2020 at:

Worlds 2020 Playoff Results

Here are the quarterfinal results from all four series:

These are the final results of the quarterfinals. See you on October 24th as G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming face off! Image credit: Riot Games

Day 4: Gen.G 0-3 G2 Esports

The last quarterfinal started with a win for G2 Esports as they came off a poor start to catch out Gen.G multiple times. The LEC champions grew a big mid-game lead and ended the game off an ace near the Baron. Gen.G could find no answer to G2’s aggressive skirmishing in the second game either, collapsing in the mid-game, losing multiple fights before getting aced near their base. The LCK team was put on the back foot from early on in game three, but punished G2’s overaggression several times to keep the game close. Still, little by little G2 pushed forward, and even the best efforts of Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk’s Ezrel were not enough to stave off the sweep. Throughout the series, Rasmus "Caps" Winther was running amok, taking over the map with Twisted Fate ganks or clapping people with a Mejai’s empowered Sylas.
  • Gen.G 0-1 G2 Esports
  • Gen.G 0-1 G2 Esports
  • G2 Esports 1-0 Gen.G

Day 3: Top Esports 3-2 Fnatic

Fnatic took first blood in the series, using a Singed-Galio combo to disrupt teamfights and give Martin "Rekkles" Larsson’s Senna time to deal the damage.The European bot lane stepped up in game 2 as well, giving them early kills and dragon control to counteract TES’ aggressive early game, which allowed Fnatic to eventually secure elder dragon and end the game after a series of great teamfights. Now on the ropes, Top went for a strong early game and with a good execution, took over the game early and secured a confident win in the third game. The fourth game was close with Fnatic having a small lead, but a great fight 23 minutes had Top turn it around, ending the game off a Baron push to take us to Silver scrapes.

In the decisive game, Top once more had a small early lead. The game remained close until a mid-game fight saw the Chinese champions secure the Baron. With it, they took over the game and quickly won the game to complete the first ever reverse sweep at Worlds.

  • Top Esports 0-1 Fnatic
  • Top Esports 0-1 Fnatic
  • Top Esports 1-0 Fnatic
  • Fnatic 0-1 Top Esports
  • Fnatic 0-1 Top Esports

Day 2: JD Gaming 1-3 Suning

Despite JDG being the expected favorites for this match, the two teams traded blows early on in the series. JD Gaming took the first game, while Suning won the second off a monstrous Jhin performance by AD Carry Tang "huanfeng" Huan-Feng. The underdogs had a great start in game 3, getting two early kills on their top laner and a monstrous advantage once the mid-game started - even a big throw 23 minutes in and a Baron for JDG were not enough to keep Suning away from the match point win. The fourth game saw the favorites get first blood and several early skirmishes, but great teamfighting and some amazing executions by thier ADC won Suning their third victory, sealing their win.

  • Suning 0-1 JD Gaming
  • Suning 1-0 JD Gaming
  • JD Gaming 0-1 Suning
  • JD Gaming 0-1 Suning

Day 1: DAMWON Gaming 3-0 DRX

The LCK champions started with a tactical first game, zoning out DRX’s fragile composition and eventually took over the map, taking an infernal soul, a Baron and the Elder soul before ending the game. DRX had a better start in game 2 and had a temporary lead, but they fumbled in the mid-game as their opponents were just outplaying them. The challengers could find no way to crack the DAMWON mid-game prowess in the third game either and once more after the LCK finals, DAMWON swept the series.

  • DAMWON Gaming 1-0 DRX
  • DRX 0-1 DAMWON Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming 1-0 DRX


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