LoL: Braum and Varus Will See Buffs on Patch 10.20

Varus 0
Varus will see an increase in power this upcoming patch thanks to a buff (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s that time again. The preview of the upcoming patch. So far we don’t have any concrete numbers from Riot, only potential changes to specific champions, but what we do know is that this patch will focus on the Solo Queue landscape rather than pro play.

Patch 10.20 will focus on nerfing champions which have seen high win rate numbers over the last few patches, especially champions like Lulu, Maokai and Kassadin to name a few.

Relentless Hunter, which grants large amounts of out-of-combat movement speed, will also receive a nerf which will have an effect on champions such as Kha’Zix, Rek’sai or Zed who thrive on their quick mobility.

Varus, Braum and Aatrox will be some of the champions seeing a buff in the upcoming patch, though no numbers are out yet. This will definitely diversify the current Solo Queue state.

This will also be one of the last patches before the pre-season where Riot has already announced an overhaul of their item system with the introduction of mythic items. So we’re excited to see just what Riot has planned for the last weeks of the League of Legends season.

Once the official numbers are out, we will update you on what is to come with Patch 10.20 so check back to EarlyGame as soon as possible!

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