LoL: The Outfits of the New K/DA All Out Skins Glitter Like Diamonds!

KDA All Out dark
A new album teaser for November 6! (Image credit: Riot Games)

As it was already announced and eagerly awaited by fans, Seraphina will find her way to LoL as a new champion and join the in-game girl band K/DA at the same time.

From the little indie singer to the biggest superstar, we'll see her journey through her story and ultimate skin. You will also be able to decide between the 3 variations of Seraphine. Here is sneak peek:

And now here it comes, because not only she but the whole K/DA group gets a new skin series called "ALL OUT" to celebrate the day!


K/DA All Out Ahri Skin (Image credit: Riot Games)

With this skin Ahri has blonde-pink ombre hair, blue eyes, and her famous crystal tails. Her outfit is kept in a silver-blue tone and shows accessories with some elements reminiscent of diamonds. Very stylish and glamorous.


K/DA All Out Akali Skin (Image credit: Riot Games)

The bike and the helmet look really nice but we especially notice the ombre look of her hair - is that the trend now? The blonde strands look really good on her and the silver bomber jacket over the blue, glittery crop top attracts attention. Not bad, Riot!


K/DA All Out Evelynn Skin (Image credit: Riot Games)

True to her role, Evelynn is as seductive as always. Her outfit is clearly sexy and suits her theme perfectly. She also has a blue-silver bomber jacket and the long open silver hair complements the look.


K/DA All Out Kai'Sa Skin (Image credit: Riot Games)

Long blue hair in a strict braid, almost similar to the Seraphine skin, glides as stylishly as her outfit looks. Very elegant, the white plain trousers together with the corset top. Her wings clearly support the diamond look that was probably the guiding principle of this skin series.


We don't have any official data yet, but we assume that the legendary skins will be around 1820 RP. Kai'Sa will even get a Prestige Skin, which you can get for 2000 RP. The Ultimate skin from Seraphine will probably cost you a little more - we assume from 2775 to 3250 RP for it.

According to some teasers by Riot, the album should be released on November 6. We are definitely hyped for it and can't wait to hear the new songs!

What do you think about the skins? Are you planning to get one? Feel free to tell us your decision via Twitter and Facebook!

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