LoL: New Mundo Incoming in 2021

Dr Mundo BEST
New Dr. Mundo coming for 2021 (Image credit: Riot Games)

New information regarding our favorite League of Legends doctor and his coming rework has been revealed by Riot Games in their Champion Roadmap of September, as well as some information regarding two more champions still to come to the Rift this year.

The New Champions

Riot had stated earlier on that they will try to get out 6 new LoL champions each year – one for each lane as well as a melee mid-laner and a mage mid-laner – and they’re well on their way to fulfilling this promise.

So far the Rift has been graced with Sett (top lane), Lillia (jungle), Yone (melee mid lane) and Samira (ADC) in 2020. That leaves Support and mage mid lane open for some new champions. One of the teased champions has a high chance of being Seraphine who is going to perform alongside K/DA at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

“Regardless of your current level of fandom, when Piltover and Zaun’s new rising star finally hits the promenade, she might convert you into an instant mega-fan. I hope you’re all ready to crowd around her and cheer along!”

The other champion is an extremely dangerous fugitive who is strong and quick on their feet.

The Champion Roadmap even went as far as to tease the first champion who will be released at the beginning of 2021 as a “jungle skirmisher who will be twisting hearts and possessing minds.”

The Doctor is in!

Mundo Thicc 1
The new and improved Dr. Mundo will be released in 2021 (Image credit: Riot Games)

In the Champion Roadmap of June 2020, we got a tiny glimpse of Mundo, but now, a few months later, we were blessed with some details on what the new Dr. Mundo of 2021 will look and play like.

Overall Mundo is going to become even more thicc with even more bulging muscles. His gameplay will still be based on what we love and know from the madman of Zaun. He will keep his super-tank regen as well as his cleavers which you can still whip at your opponents.

Mundo will become a hard to lock down champion, who goes where he wants and when he wants, but his cc-immunity has a tradeoff, of not giving him any hard cc or mobility. He will stay a simple and comical character though, something which fans have always loved about him and his kit.

Item Overhaul Has Begun

Earlier on in the month, Riot Games announced their item overhaul wherein they will take a deeper look at some of our favorite items and make some much-needed changes to them.

One of those changes has now become critical strike items. A critical strike is bonus damage which multiplies. Currently, this enables champs like Master Yi and Draven to go absolutely ham in the late game almost uncontested.

Riot will now want to take away some of that power from super-late game crit builds and distribute it so that champs can spike earlier on as well. Thus, giving you less of an exponential payoff.

They will reduce the actual damage dealt by crit of auto-attacks from 200% to 175%. Items that currently hold a 25% crit chance will be reduced to 20%. This is going to affect items such as Infinity Edge, Essence Reaver and Storm Razor. Also, other items, such as Blood Thirster will have crit added to them. This will enable more choice for builds.

These changes are going to be implemented onto Riots PBE server and will most likely go live at the beginning of next season with Patch 11.1.

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