LoL Patch 10.19: Aphelios and Sylas Buffed in the Worlds Patch!

Image credit: Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.19, commonly known as the Worlds Patch, is on its way. This LoL update features League of Legends' largest competitive tournament. Here are all the planned changes that will go live on September 15.

It is the most important LoL patch of the year. Patch 10.19 will be largely responsible for the meta during the Worlds. All champions who are strong on this patch will be considered as possible picks for the pros. For this reason, Riot developer Mark Yetter has announced that the total changes will be "fairly small" compared to the usual patches. The developers don't want anything wrong this close to the Worlds, or to make one a champion too strong. The meta should be broad and allow flexible picks.

Nevertheless, this patch will mix the meta again, because eight champions will be buffed and six champions will be nerfed. Let's have a look at the changes that are planned:

More Variation on the ADC Position!

It was clearly a thorn in Riot's side that in the playoffs almost exclusively Senna, Caitlyn, and Ashe were played on the ADC position. In order not to transfer this one-sidedness on the bot lane to the Worlds, it was decided to take some of the power of Senna and Caitlyn and buff ADCs like Sivir, Vayne, and even Aphelios.

It remains to be seen if this will add more variation, as Sivir and Vayne were not played at all in the last two years. Aphelios, on the other hand, was a permanent guest in the pro scene before getting nerfed to the ground. Let's hope that he won't become a permanent pick again after the buff.

The nerf for Caitlyn is absolutely necessary for the SoloQ. The champ will be picked every game - if not banned - and has an unbelievably high win rate!

Sylas1 1 1
Can Sylas find his old strength back? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Sylas and Ahri Become Stronger

One might think that Riot Games want Ahri at the Worlds. First, she gets a little rework in patch 10.18 and now she gets buffed again. Surprisingly her win rate has dropped by 2% after patch 10.18 and Riot just want to make the champ more attractive again.

What's really interesting though is the Sylas buff: the champion was even picked by Rasmus "Caps" Winther in the final of the playoffs and didn't cut a bad figure in the middle either. Due to his buffs, he might now become an option for other mid laners

Udyr Finally Gets Some Love

Udyr 1 1
Many thought Riot had forgotten that Udyr exists. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Finally, there are some buffs for the long-forgotten Jungler Udyr in LoL Patch 10.19. These planned improvements are aimed at his Phoenix stance. However, Riot Games has planned to improve the hero gradually in the future, while keeping his melee playstyle.

League of Legends Patch 10.19 will be released on Tuesday, September 15. As usual, expect an update on EarlyGame as soon as the numbers are clear!

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