LoL Patch 10.21: How Many Buffs Is Aphelios Getting?

Aphelios LoL Patch 10.21
Aphelios might see an increase in playtime with these buffs (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yesterday we gave you a quick little snippet of what was to come on Patch 10.21. Well, today we’ve got some more precise numbers. Sure it isn’t set into stone yet and anything can change within one week, but here are some of the prospective changes which will hit the rift on Patch 10.21.

The Jungle has been hit once more

On Patch 10.20 Riot somehow wanted everyone to go out and play Urgot and Sion in the jungle by buffing up their damage against jungle creatures. Well, now they’ve taken the junglers with some of the highest win rates under the microscope.

We’ve all been following worlds and some of the most played junglers seem to be Graves and Nidalee. Hecarim is also not far behind, the ghostly horse making it into pro play as well… and these three are the junglers affected by Riots nerfs.

Hecarim will have his E – Devastating Charge nerfed, dealing less base damage than before. It will be going from 45-165 to 35-155 and his max base damage has been reduced from 90-330 to 70-310. This will make him quite a bit weaker when it comes to ganking the opposition.

Graves and Nidalee only got small nerfs, with Graves receiving a nerf to his E – Quickdraw which will now gain a bit less armour with each stack. Nidalee’s base attack damage has been lowered as well.

Aphelios is getting how many Buffs?!

Aphelios LoL Patch 10.21
Will Aphelios go back to his broken state? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yes, Aphelios, the menace in the bot lane, is getting a buff. Sure on release, he was as broken as Samira, but he has since been on the losing end of any match up. He has a negative win-rate and just isn’t viable in many situations… not to mention his kit is extremely difficult to master.

So what is getting changed? Well, he will receive some added lethality to his passive with an increase from 2-12 to 3-18. It also looks like his R is getting a buff which looks like a lot on paper, but isn’t that much if you think about it. Aphelios just has a lot of weapons.

  • Calibrum additional mark damage increase from 20-70 to 40-100
  • Gravitum root increased from 1s to 1.25s
  • Crescendum chakrams generated increase from 3 to 4
  • Infernum splash damage increased from 75% to 85%
  • Severum Healing increased from 200-400 to 250-500

That looks like quite a bit eh? Up until this point his R had been pretty weak, since only one or two had been viable to use in game. Maybe this will get Aphelios back onto the Rift.

Udyr Buffs again…

Udyr is getting another small buff to his ultimate. The damage of the ultimate will be increased from 40-240 to 50-300. Fans have spoken out about this though, wanting Riot to focus on a complete rework – much like they are doing for Mundo and have done for our favourite spooky scarecrow Fiddle – of the melee junglers kit since it is completely outdated. Nobody but hardcore, dedicated Udyr mains play this champion and abilities like his Turtle Stance – his W – just seem completely useless in the current meta.

Of course other champions like Corki and Karma are also getting buffed which might increase their play-rate as well.

Overall Patch 10.21 will see a big shift in the jungle-meta with top-dogs like Hecarim and Graves getting nerfed. So maybe we will be seeing the Urgot/Sion jungle dreams which Riot had envisioned with Patch 10.20?

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